DH&M copper pot. Worth restoring?


Atelier du Cuivre et de l’Argent
113, avenue Daumesnil (12th)
Tél: 01 43 40 20 20

Au Petit Bonheur la Chance‎
13, rue Saint-Paul (4th)
Tél: 01 42 74 36 38‎

Bachelier Antiquités
Marché Paul Bert
18, rue Paul Bert (St Ouen)
Tél: 01 40 11 89 98

28, rue due Bourg Tibourg (4th)
Tél: 01 40 29 07 32

Various locations

119, boulevard Richard Lenoir (11th)
Tél: 01 43 38 48 48

Kitchen Bazaar
Various locations

La Carpe
14, rue Tronchet (8th)
Tél: 01 47 42 73 25

La Vaissellerie
Various locations

Le Marché aux Puces de Vanves
(Real flea market–Sats & Suns)

Marché d’Aligré
(Flea market all days except Mondays)

147, rue de Bagnolet (20th)
Tel: 01 40 30 00 70
(Professional equipment)

70, boulevard Malsherbes (8th)
Tél: 01 45 61 03 13

Zwilling JA Henkels
12, boulevard de la Madeleine (9th)
Tel: 01 42 68 88 00

Cookware and Specialty Shops in Les Halles

A. Simon
48 + 52 rue Montmartre (1st)
Tél: 01 42 33 71 65

E Dehillerin
18-20 rue Coquillière (1st)
Tél: 01 42 36 53 13

La Bovida
36 rue Montmartre (1st)
Tél: 01 42 36 09 99

La Verrierie
15, rue du Louvre (1st)
Tél: 01 42 36 80 60

13, rue de Montmarte (1st)
Tél: 01 45 08 19 24


BHV (Hypermarket)
55, rue de la Verrerie (4th)
Tél : 01 42 74 90 00


Galeries Lafayette
(Department store)

Le Bon Marché
38, rue de Sèvres (7th)
Tél: 01 44 39 80 00


64 boulevard Haussmann

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G. Detou


Paris Culinaire

Are you interested enough to visit museums for cookware?


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@kaleo, thanks so much for the complete list. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hit too many, but I’ll save it for my next trip. We’re just passing through Paris this time, but I see you have their national chains on the list. I’ll shuttle over to Les Halles, it’s not far from our friend’s flat.

I’d like to see a museum of cookware — I’ve been to the displays in some of the major decorative arts museums.

Now, let’s reference that comment about “enablers”. Shouldn’t there be a cookware 12 step program?

I like/don’t mind the patina but I did try the ketchup and course salt method for polishing. It took the patina off fairly easily but it’s still water marked. What should I use?

Hanging them from a cabinet end! I’m going to steal that idea. Is it floor to ceiling or just an upper?

Hi, Gina:

There are many products. For a bright/mirror polish that lasts, it’s hard to beat Flitz, but it takes awhile.

For a down-and-dirty job, BKF is very fast. Its abrasiveness is not ideal, but the oxalic acid is good.


Thanks! Amazon even had a package of Flitz discounted due to damaged packaging. I like that it’s multi purpose. I’ll keep my BKF for stainless.

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