DH&M copper pot. Worth restoring?

I found this in an “antique” store today. It had other pots sitting in it but the thickness and the huge rivets caught my eye. It is banged out of round and one part of the bottom edge has been knocked so there is no longer a corner. It’s about 8"x6" and of course needs to be retinned.
It is marked DH&M and also Cafe Martin. I didn’t check under the cast iron handle for marks.
I realize I didn’t take the best pictures for judging it’s condition and I didn’t even think to check if it sits flat. I did put quarters against the rim and it is just thinner than 2 stacked.
My gut says any copper can be restored! But it’s in rough shape and wonder if I’m be better off saving my money for something else.
Buy or pass?

Hi, Gina:

I see nothing which would disqualify this venerable pan. Does she sit flat and not leak?

DH&M (in all their name permutations) were very good pans, the best America had to offer–at least until Brooklyn Copper Cookware was recently reborn.

This mark is popular with collectors, and so commands high prices on eBay.

This pan is also a very versatile size for a home cook.

If the price is right, I would get it and a lollypop cover, and cook in her like you stole her.


Thank you for your reply!!

I’ll have to double check if it sits flat but it wouldn’t leak. No cracks or pitting, just no longer round.

Right price being under $150? I wanted to just buy it but tend to not make the best quick decisions when it comes to cookware.

This is a taller than average sauce pan, sort of what Hiracer was looking for a few weeks ago on another thread.

8" wide isn’t an idea size for me but the high sides change that. I’ve found that I love to use my other copper pots (2 Baumalu) for sauces/roux since I can get distracted by the two little ones and have it not burn.

Hi, Gina:

You’re welcome. I think $150 is not unreasonable, but I’d try to dicker with them about it needing tin and straightening.

It is taller than the standard 1:2 geometry, more like a “milk pan” or a Russian saucepan. I think this ups the value–maybe sell it to Hiracer?


Antique stores often have a second price on the price tag that the booth seller will accept - often 10% off the marked price, so that would make this $135.00. When handwritten, the price tag has the discount $ amount in one of the upper corners.

However, as Kaleo noted, if you are planning on re-tinning, perhaps ask them if the seller will take $125.00. Antique store sellers are accustomed to bargaining. The best you could do is ask and see if they’ll take your offer!

After looking on ebay I might be off about the height (I didn’t have a tape with me) since it looks very similar to this one at 5". But at least the one I’m looking at has no repairs, I’m fairly sure it doesn’t wobble, and has original rivets.

Thanks for the tip!

I wasn’t sure if to post the actual price but I should have. It’s $110. I’ll go in tomorrow and see how flexible they are on the price. It’s a consignment/booth type shop.

My problem is that cookware can make me giddy like a school girl and I have to make myself walk away until I can at least think semi rationally before buying. Just the fact that someone had put the price tag over the makers mark made me want to rescue it because only someone who knew nothing about copper would do that, right? Not rational at all :blush:

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Here’s another for comparison–a size larger and restored. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Duparquet-New-York-DH-M-Co-Copper-Sauce-Pan-Pot-W-Lid-New-Tin-3mm-RARE-/371522114842?hash=item568071951a:g:rP0AAOSw3KFWgUHW


Thank you!

If you can get it for under $100 AND it sits flatly? I say go for it. Do you know how much it will cost to re-tin the inside?

Rocky Mountain Tinning is $5 an inch (L+H). So at my (most likely inaccurate) measurement of 8+6 it’s $70.

Brooklyn Copper is H+L+H @ $4 = $88.

Kaleo I’m guessing Brooklyn is the way to go?

Hi, Gina:

Both are great.

I have not used BCC since its rebirth. I believe Mac is jobbing to a Midwest company with commercial and industrial tinning expertise. I’ve been waiting to hear from someone who’s had them retin pans. But Mac is a perfectionist, as are Peter and Eric at RMR, so I would have no worries either way.


They both use Metal Coating in Lima, no? My grandfather’s business was just down the road from those guys. You can send your pans directly to them.

Hi, Randallhank:

That sounds right for BCC, but it would be news to me if RMR jobs out. If that’s true, the many shops that are jobbing to RMR would be sending direct to Metal Coatings, no?


Unfortunately I was wrong about it sitting flat. The corner was not only knocked flat but created a lip along the bottom edge preventing it from sitting flat.

I do appreciate all of the feed back I have gotten. Next time I find one I know better what to look for and about negotiating the price. In the mean time I’ll just keep adding to my Copper Pot fund.

This too can be fixed, but it makes the asking price 'way too high for a useful pan.

I wondered if it could. I’ll have to decide if I do what that size (it is about 5" high) and then see what they’d do on price.

If you’re cooking on gas, it might not matter anyway. Offer them $50, and point out that you’d have to spend at least $100 more just to make it useable. Then, if you get it, try it. About the worst that would happen is you’d turn a small profit reselling on eBay.

Post a photo of the ding if you get the chance.


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