Deviled Eggs - your favorite version, tips, and tricks?

In my experience, having used both, you’ll be disappointed in the IP compared to a stove-top PC. Slower to come to pressure and can’t reach a consistent 15 psi. That’s why there are electric PC specific cookbooks and USDA discourages them for canning. They take longer.

I take your point about more attention to PC cooking, although many IP users don’t realize that’s what they are doing. grin I’m quite content with a Lorna Sass book, the Ball Blue Book, and the USDA home canning guidelines.

I do leave sous vide off my cult list. I think that for most home use they are pretentious, leave an unfortunate plastic waste stream, and are a good example of technology for it’s own sake. Advocates of sous vide don’t seem to reach the degree of religious fervor that IP users achieve, or flock to the Kool-Aid as do followers of Mr. López-Alt. That said, the ability of sous vide to hold food for extended periods does have application in commercial kitchens. I put sous vide in the category of specialized tools that are not justified in the home, unlike the IP which is a cheap gadget that would never survive in a professional environment.

You on the other hand, I like. grin

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I have, although don’t think I’ve steamed eggs in it. I’m sure a regular one is better for most people, but I had the regular one and didn’t use it as much as I use the IIP, which isn’t all that much.

Might as well admit to having two Sou Vis as well; one immersion, and one water circulator.

I think I was thinking this was the thread about appliances. I’m going to try to stick to the subject.


I just saw something about using schmaltz in the yolk mixture, and garnishing with gribenes. (By my favorite foods, you’d be hard-pressed to know I’m not Jewish!)


I bet that added fat just takes the d-eggs over the top good!

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My great grandmother did this for her egg-salad.


SE variations courtesy @GretchenS




Anything goes.
Top with caviar or shrimp
Mix ins: pesto sauce & toasted pine nuts, cooked crumbled bacon & Dijon
Avocado and bacon
Sun-dried tomatoes


Had a bit of a “duh” moment as I used green chutney for deviled eggs… why has this not happened in my kitchen before, it’s such an obvious pairing for me :grimacing:

Used whole Greek yogurt, but a bit much which made them a little runnier than is pretty. Very tasty, though. Finely minced shallot and cilantro went in too.


A warm welcome to Hungry Onion @strightfromphilly! We look forward to your posts or questions about anything food or drink wise. Which is actually a huge part of people’s lives, naturally.

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WAY too much olive oil, not enough whimsy.

Just in time for Easter, I fell into a rabbit hole of recipe links and landed on a deviled egg version that combines my favorites in one delicious place.

Holy moly.


My perfect reprieve.

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Rooster, you inspired me to try this recipe. I haven’t seen any fresh oregano in the stores for days, so I used dried. It was still good. My wife and I practically finished the whole thing (I used 6 eggs) in one sitting.


Thanks for reporting back! I did a small test batch the week I posted the link. I had homemade hummus to use up, a small bit of crumbled feta, chopped the honey nuts fine grind, used sumac as the spice. Then followed the recipe as written. I was very surprised how well the flavors melded. because texture can sometimes throw me off, I mashed everything really well. I never did photograph it but I will make it again. Didn’t you find these far more filling than a traditional deviled egg too as in a meal in itself.?

I’m so glad to hear you and yours enjoyed it.

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The last time I had a deviled egg was at Oleana in Cambridge, MA. They were so good that I had a second order for dessert. And I don’t think I’d ever made them before.


I tried @Rooster’s avocado-instead-of-mayo trick because my jar of mayo… separated :woman_facepalming:t2:

Also tried using a strainer to push the yolks and avocado through.

Strainer was effective, but took a while… patience is not my virtue. The avocado did give the mixture a slight avocado-ey flavor - not bad, just different. Also, it turned the mixture green.

Nice to try something new, but I’ll probably go back to eggs and mayo next time.


Try plain Greek Yogurt.

So much easier to work with, and it tastes so much better. Healthier too.

Win win. Win!

Last week I tried Kenji’s version of the Oleana recipe.

The result was excellent, but there was enough filling for another 6 eggs!

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KISS (keep it simple, stupid)…mash yolks with mayonnaise, mustard, and a little pickle relish. With moderation add any ONE of the following, finely chopped: sun dried tomatoes, capers, bacon. Curry powder is ok, too. If you like a little spice, spike it with Sriracha, Cholula, or a proven habanero or ghost pepper sauce like Melinda’s Naga or Bhut Jolokia.