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Twice now I’ve hit the new trash can option under comments. Neither time did I intend to delete my comment. So apologies in advance for the Moderator flagging this will cause.

I’ve done the same thing!

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You can always undelete your post if you accidentally delete it.

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I tried that the first time but I must have realized too late because it didn’t reverse my comment. I only realized why the trash can was there yesterday. Thanks though.

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(just kidding, I made this meme and have been waiting for the right opportunity to use it. you can just ignore me, I won’t go away lol but it’s worth a try if you like)




A member reported she can’t recover her post that she trashed accidentally.


I am not really sure why that is the case. I have not come across it personally, but there could be a bug in the software somewhere. does it happen consistently?

Happening consistently for me when I’m prompted to do by the ‘advanced’ tutorial. Maybe it has something to do with user trust level?

And on the above one, I get the same message when I – experimentally, I didn’t actually wish to get rid of it – tried to delete it. If there’s some action limit it doesn’t particularly affect me, except that it really messes up the tutorial. Never great to have a pedagogical aid that causes more problems than it solves!

I finished the tutorial by eventually stumbling across the ‘skip’ option – which is presented after you ‘huh?’ the bot – but no progress on the undeletion. It appears as if there’s once-per-24h limit on deletions, and a ‘zero’ limit on undeletions. Maybe varying by trust level or in some other manner. If it is the trust level, then that’s hard-coding forced user errors into the tutorial, as by definition it’s prompted at a particular TL.

I’m confused.

Does the same thing happen when you are not doing the tutorial?

As far as I can tell, yes. Let me try again on this post…

Relatedly: buggykathy?

So, yes. After waiting 24h to be able to delete a post, trying to undelete it, was initially told to wait a few seconds, and then:
Screenshot 2021-05-22 05.35.34

And I just delete

Tested with a non admin account. Replied with a new post in a thread, deleted the post, then try to retrieve the post. A pop window said I’ve done this operations many times, which in reality was only the first time, and refused to retrieve the post.

No problem in deleting a post.

@alai Want to make sure, your problem is

  • you can’t delete a post
  • you can’t recover a deleted post

Can members help to test this bug, and report below please? TIA

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I thought I’d covered this already in terms, but to be as explicit as I can be:-

  • I can’t undelete posts, at any speed;
  • I can apparently only delete one post per 24h.

I noticed the undeletion problem in the context of the tutorial, which asks users to do this (when they apparently can’t). I mention the deletion limitation (which I noticed only in the context of the undeletion one!) as:-

  • I wasn’t aware it existed, and it’s not clear where it’s documented;
  • It gives the same “too many times” error message, which is confusing if “too many” is “0” for undeletion, and “1” for deletion – neither of which are intuitively “many times” at all;
  • Trying to investigate the one issue, or attempting to redo the tutorial, etc, one then inevitably canons into the other.

can you clarify whether you are deleting/ and recovering a topic, or a post? a topic is the first post of a discussion. whereas a post can be any message within a topic. thanks.