"Craft Raised" Salmon from Vancouver.

Why do i feel like we’re not far away from trying to order “vegetarian fed craft raised salmon” the way people are now aware of grass fed vs grain fed beef…?
(And are fish really supposed to eat pea protein…? Not exactly something found in their natural diet)

I have no pony in this race, just vaguely amused and slightly befuddled.


@ C. Hamster, I am not annoyed. I AM annoyed when people don’t keep their appointments. :tired_face: I am also annoyed when my “gardener” breaks my sprinkler heads. :roll_eyes: I’m sure I will think of some others before the day is done.

I too am vaguely amused by the marketing, but it had nothing to do with why my husband bought the salmon. I am still befuddled about why it cost less than the other farmed salmon. Husband says he buys it because it looks nice and the cost makes it a “no brainer”.

I find the pieces are sort of uneven, so maybe they are the pieces they can’t send to restaurants? I don’t know.

Anyway, I got a new “badge” from this thread. :grin:


BTW, my husband and kids (who haven’t been home in six months) surprised me for my birthday, and THIS happened on the way! Husband was the good Samaritan, and my son took that firery picture (18-47). Husband called and said “stuck in traffic” so as not to spoil the surprise.

Good Samaritan, bad shopper?

Yesterday, we went to State Bird Provisions. What a birthday!


That is incredible!! How very brave!

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I agree! And brave enough to buy farmed salmon! Here’s a picture.


Oh my gosh!! Very impressed by your husband, very Courageous of him!

And happy belated birthday! Great choice for The celebratory meal

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Birthday is not until Wednesday, so I will be open to happies until then! AND it looks like the Warriors might give me a nice present tonight!


Interesting, thanks.

Best answer!


Today I learned it’s $7.00 per piece, not per pound!
“Rich people” problems?

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