COVID-19 food finds in/around Los Angeles

Some random pandemic comestible musings to kick-off Thanksgiving Week.

  1. FishPop makes you ask the question you never realized needed asking, as in “do I ever need fish n chips curated by a Michelin trained chef from (wait for it) Korea?” Well, now you have your answer. Because it is “YES”. Located inside Egg Tuck in Koreatown, next to a Verizon store, you’ll get big slaps of perfectly fried fish, bought that day fresh from market at the crack of dawn, paired with house made tartar sauce and “chips” (which, to be honest, rival those of In N Out …., but I digress). FishPop also has fish tacos, which I have yet to try.

  2. Miao Yun Food, more a grocery store than a restaurant and to be more precise more a “one-stop shop for all things Thanksgiving hot pot” – this place has some of the best and cheapest Wagyu beef you’ll find for your Thanksgiving hotpot (or shabu shabu).

  3. Thumbling in West Covina has mucho potential. It’s like any one of a variety of dumpling / noodle shops one can find in ESGV (think 101 Noodle, Mama’s Lu, or Hui Tou Xiang) but unlike those tried and true stand-bys, Thumbling is inconsistent. Too bad too. Because when it’s on, the kitchen makes a very good crab XLB, but when it’s off their noodles seem like they were made for a person who lost her dentures, and their beef rolls makes a taquito seem limp by comparison.

One last one. If you like conchinita pibil, and find yourself in/around City of Industry, look for YucaTortas.


Hi @ipsedixit,

Ooh, nice finds! :blush:

FishPop sounds amazing. The other places sound interesting as well, thanks for the tip!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold