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I could sniff it in the air, closings, so Monday I hit Luby’s for a rectangular fish fix. There for 45 minutes all was right, they were out of fish and had to fry a fresh batch, good and hot.

My buddy Esmirelda had my preferred table cleared and gave her extra tip money. Yes I tip at Luby’s mainly because Esmirelda takes such good care of me.

Fast forward to Tuesday

Everything shutdown except take-out and drive-thru. I went to Antonio’s on Hillcroft and got there around 2 and got a couple sausage pizzas, good stuff.

You wait in the parking lot and they bring it to you. I called ahead and picked it up. I want to support local businesses before things get crazy and we do have plenty of food at home.


Hit the Demeris drive-thru today for stellar chopped beef and a few spare ribs. Left a nice tip.

Were there many others getting take out on your various excursions this week?

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Monday Luby’s was open I got there around 2 and I’ll say traffic was average.

Tuesday at Antonio’s 2 pm there were four cars in the parking lot waiting for orders. Often at that time there is nobody in the restaurant.

Thursday 4 pm at Demeris and the nice take out lady said they were busy at lunch but traffic was down.

Let me say this about that. I’m ramping down public outings and we’ll be pretty much feeding at home. I rolled the dice for good takeout before everything gets shutdown.

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Good job, Senior and Senora Oyster. Things are not looking up. Even if this thing is complete hysteria, our world has already changed dramatically, and all those eateries we loved and have talked about all these years on this and other sites are doomed. Restaurants can’t be closed for weeks or months and magically re-open.

Obviously, this is also the end of most other industries. May it all be a hoax and we all rise from the ashes. I wish you all well. Stay well fed and close to those you love. Mary (I once had a little lamb)

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Just to get the Wifeacita and myself out we went trolling for trains and saw three nice ones thank you. The railroads are still running and don’t underestimate the amount of freight they deliver to your life on a daily basis.

Our journey took us down Washington Avenue and past El Tiempo with a sign rita’s and fajitas to go. Please, we’re not gonna stop?

They have rita’s at 15 bucks for a 16 oz and 99 buckos for a gallon. The fajitas at 19.99 are enough to feed two.

The guy in front got two gallons and a box of food and just shrugged his shoulders at the cost.

We’re in hoarder mode and ordered twelve dozen gallons of margaritas and charged it to a credit card number we lifted from some not doobie something guy.



This afternoon someone told me that the drinks to go has been rescinded and that only closed bottles like wine and beer can be purchased. I was hoping that was not the case because I still want to go to los Tios and get some of their margaritas. It’s just been too cold and dreary today.

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I can maybe save you a gallon of margaritas for three Benjamin’s, friend price of course.

I don’t apologize to the easily offended. It’s gallows humor and wish everybody the best.

Did they have frozen ritas?

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Nope. They come out cold with industrial strength packing tape sealing them in plastic cups.

The Wifeacita got some extra ice.

They do allow you to use the restrooms and they have multiple choices of hand cleansers.

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No frozen but the to go product was very good.

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Thanks for the heads-up.

I was able to cancel the charges on my card.

And speaking of charges, the next time you use my credit card to fund your party - and don’t invite ME - I’ll be pressing them!


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Yeah but we still have the ritas, or what’s left of them.

The Laurenzos are going to come down hard on you.:sunglasses:

Our twenty bucks for fajitas for one got us four good servings done deliciously El Tiempo style with all the sides.

The ritas are pricey and strong como siempre. Hey, any port in a storm.

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I think I’ll drive through Lopez and get their family pack (only item for sale now) and some of their margs by the quart/gallon. They are calling today Margarita Monday!


I decided to stay closer to home.


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