A message from your NJ Moderator during the covid19 pandemic

Offers like yours just solidify for me what a great community we have here! Thanks for expressing your love for our local peeps so openly. Call on me if you need any extra help near Manasquan!

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As a frequent lurker and sometime contributor here is a note from Houston

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A beautiful gesture. Thank you.

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Read the link for we’re experiencing.

Try again from Houston to my friends up there.

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So sorry to hear That man. Hope she’s feeling better and makes a speedy recovery.

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Thanks. I’m trying to get my whole reply to link with the stupidity of the city.

Sorry, just click on the blue corona dining Houston for more stupidity.

Very heartfelt @NotJrvedivici

This truly is a wonderful community and even though I have yet to meet anyone, I consider you all friends.

Looking forward to an eventual HOdown so that I can wear my own name tag.




Very kind and generous of you @NotJrvedivici! Not remotely from your part of the world, but I seem to really like NJ folks.

BTW, I used to work for a division of a large company based in Edison NJ - talked to the people on that coast all the time & enjoyed my work with them.


I’m not in NJ (heck, I’m not even at home in NYC but “stranded” on the left coast at the moment) but this just warms my heart.

I can’t do anything physical, but if anyone - in NJ or anywhere else - needs help figuring out online delivery of anything, or needs to talk, I will echo @NotJrvedivici’s offer - I am available.


I posted several posts that I can’t get rid of.

Good afternoon. I’ve been lurking for some time but this thread has convinced me that I need to join this wonderful community. Kudos to you all. :heart:


Welcome, Liz!


Edison is my hometown! What company and where was their Edison location? I moved from there 26 years ago but I’m only 30 mins away and still have business interests in the area.

Liz, welcome and thank you very much! We look forward to your contributions, are you from NJ?

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cheap bottles of booze @ Costco = “business interests”??


Not originally from NJ, but I have been here in Northern Ocean County for many years. I am a military brat originally.