Corona dining Houston

Sorry about the b words that I haven’t used in 45 years with disastrous results, but we’re pissed at the city.


On my gosh, all of what Lambsy said. Please keep us informed and we’ll be sending good thoughts your way.


Count me in with the well-wishers. We’ll all be waiting to hear & hoping for the best possible news!


Somewhat optimistic. Fever 101.8 last night 100.4 tonight for what the CDC says is the minimum threshold for fever, if they say so.

She had the type a flu in January with consecutive 103.5 nights but this seriously shoved a boot up her butt, severe lethargy.

She’s a real trooper.

Oh, me being around her constantly, I’ve got the sniffles.

How about a meet up?

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I’m all in for a meet-up.

Say, August? :grin:

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Not being litigious by nature but the mayor and the deer in the headlights county judge announce the closure of the rodeo yet the next day the city sends health care workers out to see hundreds of kids for tooth care in what is literally a life threatening situation.

I’m getting more upset by the second.


5 pm Thursday and so far no fever, knock on wooden head. This morning the doctor called and said she’s on the road to recovery.

I want to thank Dr. Clive Fields at Village Family Practice in Spring Branch.

He’s called every day since Tuesday and will call back tomorrow.


Great news! Continued prayers for you and the Mrs.

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Thanks Bob. I love the New Jersey board and wish we had the activity down here. We have a few loyal posters and I’ve met them all and they are truly wonderful people.

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Oh that’s awesome news!

The doctors at Village Family Practice are terrific, been going there for 15 years. Air hugs to you both.


Let me say this about that.

If you have severe symptons I suggest calling 911 and having the pros at HFD take care of you.

While the Wifeacita is having a bad health year I had one last year and trust me:



We live across the street from an HFD station and it’s eerily quiet, very little activity and all the trucks are there.

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Nearly 200 of them are in isolation in hotels. :hot_face:. At last report, yesterday. Of course things change hourly in our new reality.

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I heard one emergency go out today. Usually it’s a non stop parade.

That’s great news !

So did you avoid catching it or did you just have a much milder case?

Either way, give Wifecita our love and best wishes, (but save some for yourself too!). Take care of yourselves.


Well my friend when this sh*t is over if you and the wifeacita every find your way to NJ look me up, you have a few drinks waiting for you both.


Glad to hear The W is on her way out of this nightmare. Thanks for keeping us informed. Suffering through caca like this alone is no bueno.

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I have persistent sniffles but seem to be ok.

You’ll be happy to know, or not, that your city doesn’t give a rat poop about it’s employees. All they want is a note so one boss can cover their rear with another boss and so on. This is the health department.

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We’re in and let’s get a small porterhouse also, say something in the 96oz range. We’ll pay our share.

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Easter is a yuuuuuge family day for me. I mean, I’m yanking all the kids over here, with their toddlers and the oldsters too, even in-law oldsters, all are welcome for the annual ham and potatoes (cooked in duck fat once a year) and roasted spring asparagus, and DEVILED EGGS!! The table is white, there are pastel eggs in a basket in the middle, there is white wine, fancy dress, egg hunts, joy abounds!


Easter cancelled courtesy Covid19.

It will be 2 of us and tears, for so many reasons.

Many will have Easter for one, and just say “fork it,”, and I’m close to that with 2 of us. But with the magic of video, I shall hopefully make some really weird memories.

The question is food for 2 on a holiday. A ham is too much. Take out that I’ve seen so far is for families of 4 or more, and pick up by Friday.

Any ideas for mid-day Easter lunch for two take out that requires cooking? In other words, I’ve seen restaurants sending out raw ingredients to make meals, that’s what I need due to scheduling during the prior days. We travel between two locations weekly , so need to pick up Thursday or Friday. Whiskey Cake has been killing it, but they are so far from me. I’m so over the grocery stores, but the HEB Bunker Hill high end restaurant deals are under consideration.

Y’all take care, I’m thinking of all of you, even the ones not in Texas. J/K :grin::heart_eyes: