Corned beef ideas

Tonight I fried up diced pastrami with diced potatoes. A side salad was the foil to the rich meat and potatoes


I’ll say. Why couldn’t my Irish ancestors have gone with pastrami which is so obviously superior to corned beef? I’ll pig out on pastrami anytime but I’m still kind of tired of corned beef from last March. Sadly Mr Rat loves it so AS USUAL we’ll be having it over the weekend.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I’ve decided I’m going to go to Katz’s later this week and bring home some pastrami and enjoy a traditional Irish Jewish St. Pat’s. Who’s more Irish than Leopold Bloom anyway?


That sounds awesome. I’ve never done this. Did you cold smoke it or put it over heat? Any temp/time recs? What wood did you use?

Hot smoked around 250-275f until internal temp was around 195 or so. I often remove and finish over steam to ~ 210. This time I just let it go and finished in the smoker. I was out for a long walk while it smoked. Edited to add I used small pieces of dried oak from the back yard. Yes yard debris. I’ve even used pistachio shells at times when I didn’t have bags of dried wood. Those oaks need to give me more than the bushels of leaves that are falling like rain this time of year

After slicing leftovers the next several days are refreshed over steam

Here are a couple picks from a few years ago. Really turns out well


:grin: Not sure about it. I enjoy them both, and I do remember sometime I prefer pastrami. Still, one of my favor sandwich stores (Hershel’s East Side Deli) told me that significantly more customers order corn beef instead of pastrami from their store.

Wow. Really pretty.

Wow…impressive! What kind of wood and rub? I need to try this. We normally just keep it on the low burner and eat it for a day or two. I’ve never thought about smoking one. Thanks for the good idea! I’ve done quite a few briskets in my day but this is something to try. This is why I like this site :slight_smile:

I edited my post to include wood selections

For the rub a typical pastrami rub. Coriander, mustard seeds, black pepper, garlic powder etc.

Johnny just wanted to add that when I’m hunting cheap corned beefs I look at sodium content. Some are out of sight like 900-1000mg per serving. Even at near 500 mg you still need to desalinate since you are not cooking in water

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So I boiled up the corned beef last night! And today I started round 1, traditional corned beef and cabbage. I got me some point brisket, look at this beautiful piece of meat! Now that’s my kind of marbling.

Boiled up some potatoes, carrots, cabbage and celery in the broth. The cabbage came out a bit grainy. I don’t mind mushy, but I’m not a fan of this kind of texture. Oh well. The secret ingredient here: a pat of butter. Makes the whole thing so much tastier.

I decided for the next round, I’d use the corned beef and leftover broth to make some budae jjigae, aka Army Base stew. This thing is traditionally made with things like spam and hot dogs… and corned beef is basically hot dog flavored beef, so it’s a natural fit! Although that corned beef pho idea is really calling out to me.


instant noodle too?

Joon you need to make horseradish cream sauce for that corned beef & cabbage.

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Looking good. Did you doctor that pot up with any seasoning?

The marbling in that meat looks crazy good. I would steam it a little to make it shine

That’s pretty cool that you use local wood. Here in NJ we have some decent cherry, apple and oak. Sometimes my uncle collects local wood. I generally buy wood but I know some spots to get some local stuff. Some BBQ purists use barkless wood but the stuff I get my hands on seems to be fine…tastes good to me.

Yes, instant ramen noodles are typically added. Koreans love adding ramen to everything!

@JoeBabbitt I’ll try the horseradish cream sauce tomorrow! I happen to have heavy cream, sour cream and horseradish. Might throw a little mustard in there too.

@corvette_johnny No seasoning, just some garlic and bay leaf. Any recommendations?

@Scubadoo97 It only looks like that when it’s cold, once it’s warm you can’t see the fat any more.

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Are people picky about the type of instant ramen?

Not really, instant ramen is massively popular in Korea (I think they are #1 per capita consumers) and all of the instant noodles have really good quality, it’s nothing like the Top Ramen/Maruchan stuff we have here.

They actually sell ramen noodles solo without any seasonings because it’s so popular to add to things like this. So that’s what you’ll see at most restaurants.

They will pretty much throw in ramen noodles into dishes whenever they can. This for example is an at-the-table spicy chicken stir fry, which of course you can add ramen noodles to. And cheese.


I do remove the bark from the wood that I find in the yard. Although a little bark never hurt anything

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Corned beef is hot dog flavored beef. I gotta remember that, with proper attribution to JJ.

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