[Copenhagen] NOMA - UNBELIEVABLE Story for the ages!!!

A foodie friend of mine and family ate at NOMA two days ago…USD 660 tasting menu per person! He send me instagram photos and what i saw was totally unbelievably!

First two dishes were so salty they could not finish the dish ( may be something to do with the sea water inside the seaweed and plants they used ).

Third dish of Artichoke Heart had a 1.5 inch translucent, live and moving green worm emerged from it!! WTF!! I asked him whether its presence was deliberate, part of the dish ( since eating insects are pretty popular these days ). He told me NO!! Huge mistake by the kitchen! Are you kidding me!! Of all places, at NOMA…#1 restaurant in the world last year!!


I’m still trying to wrap my head around family meal for $660/pop.

Did they at least comp some of it?


They also ate at GERANIUM! Same price point…ALL VEGGIE DISHES!!..16 COURSES!..sadly no worms! Ha! :joy:
Guess this is the COVID norm?!

They’re not going to be holding their 3 Michelin stars if they carry on like that.

But the pricing is what you are starting to see across Europe. There’s a 2* in Wales that I had been thinking of trying but they now charge £350 per person ( €410, $420) and it’s just not worth it to me.


Eleven Madison Park in NYC went vegan several years ago, IIRC. When they switched, they went to a service included (no tipping) pricing policy. However in January of 2022, they began to allow the “option to leave a gratuity”, but didn’t change their prices. So a dinner for 2 with 20% tip could now cost upwards of $1,100 USD. A tasting with pairings is now in the $657/pp range if you include a 20% tip. And reservations are pre-paid and are non-refundable.

A fool and his money…


That’s ridiculous, esp for a restaurant in Wales.

I’d think one should receive Michelin discount for travelling that far afield.

Wondering how Noma would accomodate kids. NomaNuggs, 240 EU :rofl:

(TheCharles’ friends’ kids are probably adults)

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Did your friend complain to Noma?

If not, an email would be nice, at least to know their answer.

If they are still there, maybe give Mes a go? I was there in 2020 for my 50th. Fron the asthetic & menu, everyone seemed to be Noma alumni. Much more reasonable. Everything I had was delicious.


The thing is with Noma, you could be mistaken for thinking this was intentional.:grinning:


I suspect it was the case of green worm.

There are cuisines you eat moving sea animals, eg Korean.

When you pay that price, you are expected to be shocked.

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Your menu was in dollar or krone?


Noma current tasting menu is 5000 Danish kroner pp…all vegetable!!
Seafood and game season starts in October!..Sigh!

More chance of garden worms with vegetarian, more chance of tape worms with seafood!

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Both girls attending boarding school in TO.

So, that means they’re Grade 9-12, and probably appreciate food beyond nuggets.

Nope!! All they did was to offer an apology!! IMHO, totally unacceptable!!

These are quite normal prices for tasting menus if you are going to 2-3 star restaurants. Looking on the Noma Tock page it looks like their current pricing is ~$420 for the tasting menu so that your friends seem to also gave the wine pairing (which is one if the major ways for any restaurant to make a higher nargin)

5000 Danish krones includes wine pairing. The tasting menu alone is 3000 DKr