[Copenhagen] NOMA - UNBELIEVABLE Story for the ages!!!

Makes me feel less bad about potentially eating at Legoland in August when we visit Denmark for the very first time (not that we are Noma-caliber diners to begin with). :grin:


Let us know if you get any worms!

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OK, sometimes worms are difficult to avoid, but given the price tag, they should have at least offer to change the dish or some compensation, like a free extra course, or offer some wine. PR disaster!


A LIVE wriggly one inch plus green worm against a white background?!! Should be easy to see!
Not just a PR disaster and mistake on Rene’s part. But, IMO, a reflection of their arrogance based on their reputation!


Was the chef there that night? Did Chef Redzepi personally know this problem? Most of the time, the employees wanted to hide their mistakes from chef.

couldnt quite bring ourselves to eat there due to price. i recall we did eat very well in copenhagen.

Funny story from a friend of mine in Copenhagen…

Short version (something like this) is over some polite objections his pal went over to Bono’s table to ask him for his autograph. Very kindly the paper was signed and returned with a nice note signed “Bruce Springsteen.”

Part story, part truth, part urban myth, part lie…dunno! But I think I get more pleasure out of that than I would eating at NOMA. Same with this story.

PS @THECHARLES love to see the instagram photo of the worm here.


I tried posting the video but sadly my friend set setting to Private!


haha, good post tho, great story!

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He just received a verbal apology! No offer of an extra dish or a complimentary drink…etc

Maybe the service is related to the issues raised by this story last month in the FT.

After reading it I’m wondering about the economics of some high end places in Copenhagen. If you can’t get by with such high prices and pay and treat your staff decently, maybe you should not be in business.

EMP has a similar problem. I have been there a few times and took my family there for some of the meals. Dinner with the wine paring pushes you easily into 4 figures. I was stunned to read that the kitchen staff makes $15 an hour. McDonalds pays more. Herr Humm cancelled a plan to raise pay to $20 after Pete Wells trashed his veg makeover. I have no intention of going back there even though I miss the granola. 🥸


My question is essentially "was the worm edible "?
Of course, if the diner was vegetarian then that brings up several potential issues.

I get more upset when dishes include items that we are told not to eat. Then this is deliberate (I assume the worm was a mistake ). Why would any chef introduce an element that could potentially harm the diner?
I can 'name names ’ but am reluctant to throw mud when the muddee doesn’t have an opportunity to respond. And, yes, I did raise the issue at the time.

Geranium is NOT all veggie (although they do offer that option).
This year, they switched to ‘meatless’ however.

Saw this Cricket/Beetle/…on my window pane. Debating whether to capture it and add it to my dinner salad tonight?..a la NOMA?! Ha!!:joy::rofl::joy::yum::yum::yum:


We were there in December for the last seating before they closed for Christmas. It also happened to be the day of the staff Christmas lunch.

Apparently a very large number of staff - and guests, including us - came down with covid over the following days.

A few days later they issued a notice that they would stay closed in January because of the rise in covid cases…

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I am sorry you came down with Covid after your visit. Horrible for restaurant owners, staff and guests.

I have every sympathy.

We worked hard at staying safe for over two years. But caught it a few weeks back on a restaurant visit. I know it had to be there as we hadnt been anywhere else. As no-one else in the party caught it, I assume it must have been someone I passed when I went to the toilet. Completely buggered up the cruise we were just about to go on as our Golden Wedding present to ourselves. And I’m still not right, nearly seven weeks on.


That said the meal was very good, and the restaurant and service impeccable…

They were also very cool with us bringing our (impeccably behaved) 4 month old, which counts for a lot in my book.

I haven’t dined inside a restaurant since Dec 5, 2021. I dined inside a restaurant or pub around 10 times since March 15, 2020. 6 times in the summer and fall of 2020, and 4 times from Sept to Dec 2021.

I am not sure when I’ll feel comfortable enough to dine inside a restaurant again. I do still visit restaurant patios, and tip well when I get take-out.