Cookware that has surprised you positively ?!?

I think I’m good

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Agreed. I have a blue covered casserole that I inherited and have never used. The blue and purple colors were especially heinous.

Our Revere Ware kettle. This is the third one in nearly 40 years. The first two died quickly after getting the, don’t know why. We use it everyday that we’re at the house, we’ve taken it camping and when the electricity goes out, we use it on the grill to heat water.


I still have a couple of the Visions cookware pans, haven’t used them in many years. I didn’t like how they acted but can’t remember why. Maybe I’ll try baking something in them.

I recently bought this Ronneby Bruk ultra light cast iron pan.

It is as the name says a thinner and lighter cast iron pan. It works pretty good, heats up pretty fast, descent heat retention and nice even heating. And best of all. It was cheap.

Unfortunately i had the understanding they are made in Sweden, but after seaching into it im pretty sure it’s made in china.

Hi, you probably remember I have one of these also.

Edit. I think you could be right the lightweight products could be made in China, according to this Swedish article

Regarding the lightweight products:

“- At the factory in France where they cast for us, they thought we were joking and sent the products away for analysis. After the analysis, they gave in. They cannot handle production with the new casting technology, so they are manufactured in China, where cast iron originates, says Martin Johannesson, smiling widely and suspecting that in the future the new ones may out-compete the classic, heavier products.”

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Exactly what i found too.

A bit of a shame, it’s a nice pan and I enjoy using it. But as mentioned in other threads, I prefer not supporting Chinese manufacturers when possible, and it rarely is.

Yeah I rememe now you already owned it. Du you ever use yours?

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We haven’t had a toaster for a long time, I just had the pan next to our cooktop for a few weeks and used it for toasting bread, eggs etc. It’s a pretty nice shape and I like the handle also.

It is a nice pan, especially at the price.

If you want to try some cast iron that’s a good bit different. You should try the STUR pans. A bit expensive. But so smooth and such nice finish. And nonstick from factory…


I went nearly sixty years without a rondeau. I finally got one, 28 cm. It is getting a lot of use. Dopey moi.


It does look great, just like your chicken. If I was still looking for cast iron pans, Stur would surely be on the list.

I have the relevant Skeppshult frypan and saute pan sizes, even sanded the 24cm and 28cm frypans nice and smooth. Now my problem is they, along with my (lighter and smooth) carbon steel pans, are here for good and I would have no practical reason to buy more for myself, ever, hah.

Thanks…In Denmark it’s getting harder and harder to find good quality chicken that not pumped with saltwater. They call it “neutral marinated”

Your right. The STUR ain’t better then skeppshult. Only advantage is that it’s perfectly smooth and can go to the oven( my skeppshult is with a wood handle)

But… sometimes it’s nice to try something new😊

When cast iron pans are made thin, then how are they differ than carbon steel pans made of same thickness? Being more hard/rigid (less likely to wrap)? I know there are some good quality thin cast iron from Japan. This one is 1.5 mm thick

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I have 2 different “thin” cast iron pans. And I would say they heat up much like carbon pans, but with a slightly worse heat distribution, slightly better heat retention. And in theory should be less prone to warping because it’s cast and not stamped.

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I was thinking about that too.

I’m coming back to this thread, because I now recall a piece of cookware that surprised me positively. That is the Anolon Nouvelle Copper HA. Apparently it is 2 mm AL + 0.5 mm Cu + 2 mm Al on the base, and a 2.3mm hard anodized body on top… a bit heavy and slow to react with all that Al, but super consistent across the base.

I have a couple of those frypans. They are surprisingly good!