Cooking Meat Technical Question

Sunday I made Burrito Green Chili with pork, a dish I’ve copied from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. In the past it turned out really well. This time something didn’t go quite right, which can be pretty frustrating when you feel you did everything well.

I don’t think my question has to do with what went wrong with this dish, but I’ve been thinking about this for some time and thought I would see what you think.

I seared the pork with sautéed onions but didn’t allow the meat to cook through. I then rolled the pork in the flour taco shell with the refried beans etc… then placed in the oven to finish cooking. My thinking is that the meat wouldn’t be overcooked.

Do you think it’s better to sear and not cook the meat all the way and let it finish cooking in the oven? Or is it better to turn down the heat and let the meat cook through with all the flavors simmering in the skillet before moving forward?

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what cut of pork?

I was afraid someone would ask that. And I guess that affects my answer haha. I threw away the package, and I’m not sure. They were thick, round, and boneless. Seemed a little tough.

That sounds like tenderloin, which has no marbling and can be dry and tough if overcooked. To roast this cut, you sear the exterior and then place the pan in a 350-375°F oven for 10-15 minutes, depending on thickness. After resting, it is juicy and.with a wee blush of pink at the center. How does that amount of cooking compare with what you did?

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thanks for your help. that’s about exactly what I did. but it was in the oven for about 25 minutes.

It does generally help to know what you’re cooking and use an instant-read thermometer to check for done-ness.

Meat for tacos and burritos is usually cooked “all the way” before assembly within a tortilla. Some restaurants will make a “wet” burrito, covered in sauce and cheese and heated, but I don’t think putting rare meat inside a bundle of beans and rice and baking the whole thing to medium-well is a typical method.


thank you for your advice :slight_smile: Sounds right to me…