Cooking book of the month (COTM)?

Anyone interested?

I tend not to participate in this series for a variety of reasons. But I have been so impressed with the accolades from some months that I have bought the book! It’s a great resource and fun to follow.

I’m interested. I will suggest our first edition to start with Hungry Onion Recipe Collection, cook our fellow members’ best dish and get to know each other better!

Probably not interested in this stage of my life after having participated for about 10 years.

That is not to say that if a COTM begins here, if I own the cookbook elected, if I see that some recipes agree with what we like to eat… and a bunch of other factors arise, I might jump in, cook, and report. Too many conditions though to make any impact.

What book?

So, Gio, you’re no longer doing it on CH?

Three which come to mind are Radically Simple and Jerusalem and Smoke and Pickles - all of which I’ve been very happy with.

I look in from time to time but nothing has interested me lately.

Yes, although I would probably only participate sporadically. I tend only to cook from cookbooks if the cuisine is very unfamiliar. For instance, I participated heavily on Chowhound when the COTM was 660 Curries, because I hadn’t done much Indian cooking up to that point. However, I only made one recipe from Radically Simple, and gave the cookbook away almost immediately (honestly, I wouldn’t have bought the book at all, but I found it available for just pennies for a used copy).

It seems like there is limited interest in Cotm so far. How about a Regional Cuisine of the month? Please see here:

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr