Cookbook of the Month Sept 2022 - Announcement

Our Cookbook of the Month for September will be COOK, EAT, REPEAT by Nigella Lawson. Use this thread for discussion of the book as you prepare to cook from it. A thread for recipe reports will go up on Sept 1.

To see how we arrived at our selection, visit our nomination thread and voting thread.

Some recipes are online at Nigella Lawson’s Web site.


I don’t often participate in COTM cooking, but have found several recipes linked by @riley in the voting thread. I’m looking at:

  • Chicken with Garlic Cream Sauce
  • Chicken in a Pot with Lemon and Orzo
  • Mine-all-Mine Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cookies
  • Lemon and Elderflower Pudding Cake
  • Wide Noodles with Lamb Shank in Aromatic Broth

Now we’ll just have to see if I ever get around to making any of them!


Does anyone have a brand of tinned anchovies that they recommend?

I usually get Cento (in the yellow can), but I’m not sure if that is because I tried others and didn’t like them as much, or because I’m just used to getting them. Lost to the mists of time.

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Hi, LindaWhit! Hope you find time to join in. Haven’t cooked from a Nigella book in ages, so I’m looking forward to it.


@RainyRamone last time I needed anchovies I got a tube, and it worked better for me than a tin. But if you love anchovies, there are better ones to be had, just like tuna.

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I read about this anchovy comparison, and my takeaway was that “anchovies are anchovies”, and the winner was Oritz, due to best texture. They also mentioned fewer bones as a criterium.


Ortiz is my tuna of choice.
If “anchovies are anchovies” when they’re used for cooking, I refer you to my seemingly endless tube, lol.

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A tiny bottle of Ortiz at WF, IF IN STOCK, is over $15 now!

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But it comes with a fork… and is still cheaper than Rustichella, lol.

It no longer comes with a fork where I live; anyway, that’s just way too expensive.

That’s how I’ve always felt about it, so I just buy what’s cheap, Cento or King Oscar are brands available in my little corner of the US.

I read the SE taste test and would be interested in trying the Ortiz brand if I could find it, because I do use them whole on pizza and sometimes just laid out on a cracker. And my kids like them simply mashed up in cream cheese as a spread for crackers or bagels, too. So if the Ortiz is better plain or minimally processed, I’d like to try it.


I read a comparison a few years ago and they also put Ortiz at the top.

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Here is your reporting thread: