Cookbook clubs

What a lovely idea. Sadly, but a single one of my friends has any major interest in cooking or cookbooks😞


Try starting one on Meet Up.

I’ve been in two. One I left because it was overly controlled. The organizer choose the book and the specific recipes members could cook. Often those recipes were not ones that traveled well. You could cook another recipe not on the list but only in addition to the predetermined dishes.

I’ve stayed with the second group. We cook by themes. Anyone can suggest a theme. We share recipes. The menu always works itself out. We’ve had some other activities such as berry picking. Great food and great people!


I just posted this same article on a Facebook group for librarians. Check your local library and see if they have programming like this, and if they don’t make a suggestion that it would be something that you would be interested in. When I posted it, there was a great deal of interests and several librarians had successful stories of how they had been able to start cookbook clubs.


Why not start one here if there is enough interest? You just don’t get to taste one another’s dishes…

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Yeah, a cooking club can be fun. We can vote a for book, an ingredient or even a spice each month, and the participants can try to push the limits!

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