Come one Come All to Apella Eatontown NJ for the Jr Mixed Grill Challenge....9/8 Thurs 6pm

This was the official time it took for me to FINISH the mixed grill challenge!!! FINISH…are you reading this @corvette_johnny!!!

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Yeah pretty much…

Oh … I’m sorry

Lol no reason to be I did this to myself. I did finish it though! @seal will have pics tomorrow.


I hope it was deliciously worth it

Bravo .::clap:

To be perfectly honest, the food was very good, but at this point of excess I’m completely turned off by it and will most likely not have Greek again for a very long time. :tired_face:


Now I’ll let have to pick up the slack at greek eats…congrats jr…wish I could have been there…
How did the staff react; shock, awe, horror???

Yeeeeeessss! Great job buddy! My hat is off to you. You’re a gentleman, a scholar and a world class food enthusiast. I’m honestly really impressed. I’m so impressed I told my parents I was missing a “meeting of the dons” tonight lol. I took my dad to Angelica’s but that is anticlimactic at this point. It is his bday. I told them the Vegas lobster story and they were enthralled. I am sending them the whole story in your words which will be probably passed down through my family for generations.


Ahahahaha! That is a great quote! Damn I wish i was there!

This is how long I’ve been in the bathroom since getting home;

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According to our waiter I was the first to accomplish this feat, 2 others had tried and both failed.


Tomorrow there will be more quotes I’m sure. Quick thanks to @seal , @CurlzNJ , @jsfein for coming out and showing support for my stupidity!!!


I must admit that it was quite impressive… I guess it’s all in the pacing, but I couldn’t have made a dent in that platter! Instead, I stuffed myself on Gigantes, wonderful sausage, and a few bites of my lamb shank with orzo entrée. But I have awesome leftovers!

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OK Normally I would be asleep by now but the excitement of the evening has me so wired I will post the pics now.

This is the four HOs before the challenge started:

Here is the huge platter of meat as JR was about to start:

Here is a pic of JR saluting CJ for starting this whole thing:

At this point JR had hit the wall and was starting the meat sweats:

With little meat left to go, our Greek waiter told JR he had a “lot more sausage for him if he wanted it”

And a\here is JR texting his cardiologist after he thought he was done:

Then the dessert came:

All in all we had a blast and I heartily echo JR’s salute to CJ and all the other HOs who had lots of excuses but in the end were no shows.


Not Jr . I hope you got a trophy for this or some kind of belt to hold until your record is broken.:triumph:

Ha! Thanks for the hate messages lol. Next time I’m penciling in a “meeting” and I will have to fudge something. I’m pissed I missed this feat of strength but I’m glad it was a success! It was good to see my dad and mom tonight though. This accomplishment couldnt have been conquered by a better guy :grin: Jr is the man!

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Trust me having lost my mother a couple of years ago I will never be upset for you for taking your parents out. That won’t stop me from MF’ing you though as I’m ass over elbows in Greek meats because of some stupid challenge you created. :grinning:

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Not even a cup off coffee! Just a handshake from the waiter on our way out, not even a hug from the hostess! {{sigh}} :pensive:

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Bad customer relations!

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