Come one Come All to Apella Eatontown NJ for the Jr Mixed Grill Challenge....9/8 Thurs 6pm

I won’t be able to make it tonight due to work, but JR I wish you luck…Show those Greeks who’s boss…I feel as though I should research and post the best available public toilets on the way back as a service…I need to see what time the Starbucks in the Grove is open until maybe…

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lol, as someone who has spent 20+ years “on the road” doing many in - home visits with clients etc. I can pretty much navigate all of NJ via a route with higher end Hotels. Why? Because they have the nicest/cleanest public bathrooms. Back up is higher end retail stores, Macy’s, Fortunoff, Nordstroms, etc. I could start a thread about the nicer public restrooms in state!!

(FYI Most Starbucks are single user bathrooms, not conducive when you have to take care of “business”. Thank you for the very thoughtful sentiment)

the high end hotel is the pinnacle of public restrooms…the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown being my personal #1 (or maybe #2…??)

Either way- good luck tonight…take about 7 lipitor and enjoy!!!

I would further rank the Forrestal Marriott in Princeton as having one of the better public facilities in our state.

In Monmouth the Pitcher is pretty good.

I’m hoping to see some live action photo uploads from this event . Or better yet a live camera feed . My money is on you Jr. :thumbsup:


Tenderizing the meat for tonight the only way I know how…

I think that’s the best possible picture we could have hoped for with that tag…


If I haven’t missed the boat, I’m going to try to drop by, maybe munch on a gyro, and watch JR get the meat sweats.


Please make sure you guys snap a few before and after pics! I will be rooting for JR!

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I guess you didn’t get the memo, but the boat sprung a leak and sank a long time ago. Just start kicking your feet and paddling your hands and tread water with the rest of us!

You are certainly not too late, I have been fasting since my morning oatmeal and I think I’m up for the challenge. I will try to get extra sweaty for you!!

Who ever arrives first just get a table for 4 doesn’t seem like there will be more than that attending. I will do my best to get there a few minutes early. FWIW I’m 6’3 275lbs dark hair (balding), facial hair wearing a black pin strip suit. Should be easy to pick out…

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So I am going to have to send my regrets.

Unfortunately I miscalculated and Helga is actually off.

When I proposed the Greek caper it got that little look that told me it wasn’t going fly.

Have fun, and we will have to do lunch soon. That’s easier for me.

It’s ok I understand…


Yes you do !

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As I say, you can always tell a Swedish woman.

You just can’t tell them very much.

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I wonder how it’s going…I think we need live coverage…maybe Max Kellerman or Joe Rogan can provide some commentary…

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Will you be live blogging/streaming

someone get the Periscope app on his/her phone and live stream the event!

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“I think I’m in Mixed Grill labor…” - notjr

Don’t view if you are easily nauseated

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