Come one Come All to Apella Eatontown NJ for the Jr Mixed Grill Challenge....9/8 Thurs 6pm

Yeah I think I can make it. I just have to plan accordingly with work…crazy busy and short handed. This will be a feat if you can pull it off!

I’m gonna try and make it. One of the things I asked for my birthday (yesterday) was 52 hours of free time, an hour a week, or one for every year I’ve been in existence. I can use them for stuff like this, or my hobby, metal detecting.

Other than that, wife got me a “Make Your Own Sushi” course at Dorbrook, that’s pretty cool (includes eating all the sushi!)

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Happy (slightly) Belated Birthday Art!! Hope you can make it!!

I broke down and bought a few racks of lamb this weekend so I am good for quietly munching on a gyro while I watch JR achieve food immortality this Thursday.

See you all there at 6.


Ok, friendly reminder!! Tomorrow night the Mixed Grill Challenge!!! Leave a message if you are planning on attending if there are more than 4 of us I will call ahead…should be plenty of tables of 2-4. Look forward to seeing/meeting some of you there.

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Jr . So what are you taking down in the mixed grill challenge ? I can’t find any information on this , Good luck tomorrow .

From the menu;

Captain Mike’s Mixed Grill for Two ~ Beef & Lamb Gyro,
Chicken Gyro, Pork Souvlaki, Chicken Souvlaki, Bifteki Elliniko,
Lamb Chops & Loukaniko

This originally started out as a challenge from @corvette_johnny who went here and ordered this and said I couldn’t finish it myself. Since then others like @seal have confirmed the same, although I have been here several times myself, I haven’t had the courage to attempt the mixed grill challenge. Tomorrow night all that changes!!! (although they use the term “gyro” which is what turned me off from trying it on my own visits, reports are the pitas are served separate and it’s really just a large platter of grilled meats, something I LOVE)

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What’s a bifteki elliniko? I speak a little Greek and it sounds like a Greek hamburger.

Man JR if you eat that much meat your gonna crap like a cougar.


Gyros is usually just the meat and refers more to the cooking method than content. Lots of things get cooked on a spit in Greece, although I have never seen possum.:wink:

Gyros pita is the sandwich.

Yes, bifteki is the burger.

Looking forward to seeing some of you crazies!

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Does this mean you’ve got Viking joining us?

I’ll try, but evenings are problematic for me as I usually have to get dinner ready for my wife.

She gets really mean if her dinner is not on the board when she gets home.

She can hurt me.

Have you ever seen Helga?


I’m telling ya, I’m scared.

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Bring her! I’d love to meet the woman who puts up with you! Hell I’ll buy her a hero’s dinner!!!


She doesn’t get home till 8pm. How long do you think the mixed grill is going to take?

We are meeting at 6pm we should be done 7-7:30 the latest, you can be home with dinner on the table by 8pm!

And you can bring her some yummy Greek food…


Bad news folks…I forgot tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. Luckily my mom reminded me. We are heading to Angelicas so knowing my dad we very well may be done with dinner at 5:00 lol. I’ll see what I can do.

Any Seinfeld fans remember the episode where jerry refuses to get the early bird steak down in Florida? Lol


Sadly, my wife is actually not so much into Greek food.

Her usual response when I make it is oh, not that stuff again.

Had a “light” dinner last night, one piece of chicken francese, some cauliflower and kale. I woke up this morning at my normal 5:30 hit the gym, it was an “off” lifting day so I did 45 mins of cardio…feeling good. Had what I anticipate will be my only “meal” today, 1/4 cup of oatmeal some strawberries. Now the fasting begins for the Mixed Grill Challenge…I full expect in 9 hours to be ass over elbows in various Greek meats, perhaps with the meat sweats to follow in about 9 1/2 hours. I’m feeling good…loose…ready for the challenge!!!

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