Coconut Milk?

Looks to be really good, but doing a search yields only Canadian sources for me.

I pick boxes of fresh coconut milk from the Aroy-D tree.

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:grin: I also like the Aroy-D brand. I wish I could grow one of those trees here!


Chaokoh is my go to brand. Mostly because we see very few alternatives on the shelf. It’s consistent and works well.

As a side note, I have a large patch of lemongrass growing on the side of my house.

If you have a Whole Foods Market near you, they may stock Cha’s coconut milk. That is the one that I use now.
I’ve tried other brands yet end up returning to that one.

Fresh coconut milk that you make yourself, and canned coconut milk are worlds apart. I mean they do not resemble each other. lol.
We make fresh coconut milk every day, never buy canned ones. It’s very different.
You can easily make it yourself if you have a proper coconut scraper that can be fixed on to a table top. It’s very simple. Scrape the coconut, put some hot water, and squeeze it and then pour it through a sieve. :slight_smile:

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Ok last weekend I did a pretty close take on this Pineapple Curry (with a fresh pineapple) and it came out really great! Replaced the lime leaves and tamarind with fresh lime zest and juice, the fish sauce (don’t usually have it on hand) with soy and Worcestershire, and the water/chicken stock with shrimp stock made from the shrimp tails/peelings. This all took a while, so next time I’ll prep the shrimp and stock the day before.

I used one fresh coconut (cut into one inch chunks), the coconut water (it wasn’t a great coconut so didn’t have a lot of water), and about 1.5 cups filtered warm water added to the Vitamix… pulsed it a few times to get it going and then ran on high for maybe about a minute. Then squeezed/strained in a few layers of cheesecloth and got about 2 cups.

Wow! The smell… and the taste! Haven’t had canned coconut milk in a while, but don’t remember it being anything like this. Price wise… it was maybe a little more expensive than canned (coconuts here are currently six bucks!), but definitely worth the extra effort! Ideally I’d like to prep this the day before as well, but will it be as good as fresh after a day in the fridge???

BUT… trying to clean the cheesecloth was a PITA and I ended up just pitching it. Next time I think I’m gonna try blending it a little longer and use a fine strainer and my hands to squeeze it out. Maybe a nut milk bag would be better but not looking forward to cleaning it either.

Any suggestions what to do with the pulp (I don’t have a garden)?


Squeeze the coconut with hand, and use a strainer. There are cheap ones nylon/plastic.
Pulp doesn’t have much use. Sometimes children colour them and make designs on the floor, but nothing much to do for an adult.
However, if you let that pulp dry in the sun and squeeze it through an oil machine (industrial machine), you can get coconut oil. You will need a lot, enough for the machine to catch up, but it will give a considerable amount of oil. :slight_smile:

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I don’t find it hard at all to clean cheesecloth or the nut milk bag. They’re very, very fine and the pulp is just a single mass that comes right out.
I throw out the pulp, but I don’t have any guilt over tossing out things that have yielded their flavor. It’s what’s used for coconut flour (well to be specific leftover coconut from making oil is used) but it’s not something you can really achieve with home equipment.

I assume, after removing the wad of pulp, you’re just rinsing these in the sink? I am on septic and try to avoid any food (especially oily/starchy stuff) down the drain.

I know it is plebian of me, but I like the Thai Kitchen organic lite coconut milk despite their misspelling of light. I make a very quick curry by cubing firm tofu and shaking it in some cornstarch, crisping it with peanut oil in a wok, adding sliced carrot, onion, and bell pepper and tossing them in curry paste, adding coconut milk, a little turbinado sugar, a little fish sauce, and cubed partially precooked sweet potatoes and zucchini or other squash. I top it with peanuts, shredded coconut, and chutney.

Coconut pulp is not that sticky actually. If you remove the bulk of the pulp as much as you can, and hold the bag under the tap, the remaining stuff will collect in the bottom of the bag. Which you can put in the garbage bin.

Yeah I just rinse in the sink. No food goes down our drain since we have really fine drain sieves/strainers similar to this. Any oiliness is negligible.

Oooh, ooh… where do I get one of those!?

Ace Hardware has those sink strainers. Ace Hardware has just about everything I think!


I give you permission to toss out the used cheesecloth; it’s not that pricey!


Usually we bought these in 99 cent stores in NYC, but yes, a hardware store should have them. Amazon also sells them.


I’ve even seen those in my Grocery store and Dollar store.


Use this. Just toss the pulp into the garbage bin. :slight_smile:

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This brand appears to be sold only in Canada, according to the info on its own website.