Clown Bar (Paris, 11e)

Don’t get fooled by the name. The current chef at Clown Bar is cooking serious food. Portions are generous. Select several dishes from the entree (starter) section for a satisfying meal, or for a substantial meal order also from the plat section, I enjoyed a perfected cooked chunk of turbot that could have served two. Husband’s pork chop was also ample. Note that wine service veers toward natural wines,


We’ve been there twice this month & agree. The duck/foie main is worth getting, despite its 33euro price tag. Its splittable and worth it.

Besides the historic circus decor, Clown Bar has become a favorite spot to stop for a few sharable plates or something larger. The starter section offers a range of small piates.

Husband started with the cod beignets with wowzer pepper sauce. (photo being recalcitrant)

I went for jumbo white asparagus with foie gras.

He chose the signature duck pithiviers

And i, the turbot. Very large portion, perfectly cooked. I managed…

All portions were large, very conducive to sharing, and the starter menu varied enough to create a lovely small plate meal. I’d probably go this way next time, seeing how large the plates are.

No room for dessert after this large, rich fare.
With 4 glasses of well curated wine, excellent service, a reasonable tab.

All in all, a superb place for a glass of wine and small plate or an entire meal.


Perhaps you could amend the thread title to include the location

I want that! Great to know they make pithiviers.

Done. Combined with another thread OP started a few days ago on the same restaurant.

The address is noted on the bill. But special thanks to naf for adding the coordinates

So that’s what the duck/foie dish I mentioned above is called. :clown_face:

:laughing: My French begins and ends with food terms. Actually, they gave us the English menu and we both stared at it before asking for French. It’s boggling how we come to recognize things by their local name. Like, would you prefer a multi-layer bread roll or a croissant?

Yes - but it helps to have it in the thread title (as this other thread now has). Otherwise, the restaurant could be anywhere across more than two continents - which meant I had to open the thread to find out where it was, to see if I was interested in it.

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Now I have eaten in Maison, I can see the similarities Sota created at the Clown Bar. They still kept his signature dish and his style of cooking.

The day I have the courage, I will go and eat the veal brain there.


Or, you can have lunch at Amarante & get a great version of morcilla alongside equally great beef brains. And some very buttery tripe. C’mon, do it for us.


I’ll think about it, thanks for the tips!

And be served by the coolest waiter in Paris.

Coolest waiter and brain, this combination is lovely. :sweat_smile:

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Dining at Clown Bar tonight. Chef has changed from Sota Atsumi (Maison) to Luis Andrade (ex-Au Passage) since 2019.

Entrée - Veal brain in a dashi broth and chive. 14€

Clown Bar’s signature dish created by Sota. First time eating brain, creamy and tender meat in a lightly citrus perfumed dashi broth.

Entrée - Blue lobster (Brittiny) and cured Colonnata pork fatback. 24€

Good but tiny dish, wish there was more. Lobster was thinly sliced, arranged in a rosette and covered with pork and topped with a fine layer of crispy buckwheat.

Main - Sweetbread on a bed of baby chervil roots with acidic date condiment 36€

Main - Crispy pork belly with mashed squash and thinly sliced fennel topped with crispy quinoas 30€

Dessert - Chou Paris-Brest 10€

Taste is classic but instead of a sandwiche-like choux, everything including the nuts were filled inside the choux shell, served with honey ice cream.

Dessert - Mont-Blanc 10€

Very thin layer of chestnut cream on a bed of clementines, sandwiched by meringue. Personally feel a bit too much fruit and not enough chestnut cream, which should be the star.

Both glasses of rouge, Neck 2017 (grenache) and Bourgueil Le Carbernet Franc 2020 Domaine Breton went well with the food.

We dined at 19h so H could rush home to see his rugby match. Service was swift, dinner lasted 2 hours. Most of the diners were English speaking. We were well fed. Personally I found the dishes smallish. Meal was 140€ for 2.


You had a wonderful time; wish we’d been there! Thanks so much for this!

Thanks! I was hoping to have the duck pithiviers, another of the signature dish.

Actually at chez Sota, I had the cabbage pithiviers, fantastic.

Do you think your Clown Bar’s meal was cooked by Sota?