Cleaning Sheet Pans?

Is there an easy method for cleaning aluminum sheet pans other than scouring them? Some of my older ones are grungy. I’m thinking something chemical like oven cleaner. Thanks!

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I don’t bother as it is a major PITA… plus they actually heat better after a patina has formed.


So I keep telling myself! :grinning:

My daughter bought me a beautiful blue expensive baking sheet a few years ago. It was gorgeous, but now, after using it, it looks just as crappy as the rest of mine!


Use WD-40.

Spray WD-40, let it sit and the caked on bits will come right off with a gentle wipe, wash it very well using warm water and soap, and voila, like-new baking pan.



Hot water and soak a dryer towel in it overnight. Works like a charm.

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I put bartenders friend or baking soda paste and let it soak overnight, which helps a lot, but there’s always going to be some scrubbing required.

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I think it depends what we are trying to clean off. Either use a acidic or basic cleaner can help much. Keep in mind that aluminum will discolor over time.

Rule number one is to never put them in the dishwasher.


I would like to remove the polymerized oil stains that are baked on.

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I frequently break this “rule” with no ill effect. Also, parchment paper is your friend.


Bases (typically) are more effectively against oil stains

I love King Arthur parchment paper. To save on delivery fees, you can also order from Amazon.

I just can’t deal with parchment paper in rolls, this lies flat and fits in half sheet pans.


If you need to use a roll just scrunch it up and then smooth it out in the pan. No curl.


Love Barkeepers Friend. But my favorite cleaner-upper is Bon Ami.

Is Bon Ami cheaper? I know some people like Bon Ami because it is gentler. Love BarKeeper is great… because it is also acidic too. However, if something need base to remove, then Barkeeper Friend loses its advantage.

Lemon juice and salt

Easy, no. The choices seem to be, roughly, tolerate or nuke. How clean do you require?

This. I love the rolls of parchment paper from the $1.25 store. Good to re-use the sheets.

I’m pretty casual about the level of clean on my sheet pans. I generally put them in the sink to soak, then clean off solids but don’t worry about baked on grunge/patina. Every once in a while, spouse has a hissy fit and scrubs them all - top and bottom - with a scouring pad. Everyone needs a hobby, right?


And foil!

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