Christmas stocking-stuffers

Hi, Tanuki:

Is there a version of this with coated tips?


Hi, Tanuki:

This is both a little dated and far afield, but I wanted to give a shout out to the Joseph Joseph line. I was recently in an indie kitchen store that stocked far more of their (his?) products than I knew existed.

While no one can hit a home run every trip to the plate, IMO Joseph Joseph does a fantastic job balancing functionality with design aesthetic, and puts it all in a durable product. IMO, OXO and Rosle/WMF tend to get more love than they deserve, while JJ gets short shrift.

If only they could make all their tools without plastic…


I recall Kaleo’s suggestion on Swiss Star peelers and I got one and love it. T-day was much easier

Anyone have advice on fat separators? The cheap plastic ones are in the price range, but they look cheap. And the glass ones look like the little pouring tube would get broken off before I get it stuffed in a stocking. I guess it’s obvious I don’t have one myself, I use the freezer. Hurry, Santa, hurry. :grimacing:

Yes. Never buy plastic (unless you want to keep buying them), They will ultimately craze and leak. Also avoid the ones with the bottom drain.

Go with glass. I like borosilicate glass ones by Catamount and Kuchenprofi. Not the greatest ergonomics, but bulletproof.

Thanks! Sending bolts of mental force yonder to the interwebs.

You’re welcome.

Here’s another one, in SS: Harder to see when the fat starts running, but unbreakable and doubles as a gravy boat.

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When I was a kid, on Christmas morning, my older brothers and I would wake up early, hours before mom and dad got up, to see what Santa brought us. We would delight in playing with our toys. We would eat the Christmas candy we found in our stockings and eat the cookies Santa left behind (the milk was warm, we didn’t drink that.) We would groan at the tighty whities we found in our Christmas stockings each year.

Every Christmas, my brothers and I would reach into the bottom of our stockings and we would all pull out a large onion, as if to remind us that we had been naughty at some times during the past year.

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Let me suggest another nice little stocking stuffer – A Le Creuset metal replacement knob. No more wrapping the plastic knob in aluminum foil before putting your LC in the oven. Yay!

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I got the Catamount from Williams Sonoma a few years ago and I love it, it’s really easy to get off all the fat and it comes out of the dishwasher with no residual grease. I wouldn’t put it in a stocking, however. And be sure to check inside the box before you buy one, I work the holidays at W-S and have seen several come back after the customer discovered a broken spout on opening the box.

I got this one, after tossing out the useless spout-on-the-side ones I’d tried. You have to use the strainer on top to prevent clogging, but this way, you can get all the juices out and stop only once only fat is left.

Mine is still strong and clear after many passes through the dishwasher.

Before finding the bottom draining one, I was spooning fat with a large spoon rather than use the side spout ones.

Lot’s of great suggestions here!

I’ll add these herb scissors. You’ll thank me later!

Great idea! And such a deal. Mom has an extensive herb garden out front . . . I just added these to my cart. And dishwasher safe to boot!

Thanks! Good to know it can handle the dishwasher. . . .

I’ve seen these forever but just can’t see why my knife won’t do just as well. Admission: I don’t like “one trick ponies.”

Another suggestion – Who wouldn’t be happy to find a nice olive wood cooking spoon in their Christmas stocking?


I’ll thank you later. They just arrived and I can’t wait to put these in her stocking.

Here’s yet another list of top kitchen gear from the Kimball Krew: I note that they now prefer a harp peeler to the serrated Messermeister. (Harp style is awkward for me,) They used to dismiss the Boerner V-slicer, if memory serves, but now they love it, as I have for many years.

We always put the nip bottles of liquors in out stockings. Usually types that we wouldn’t buy a large bottle of, such as Hypnotique, or Maple Crown.

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