Christmas stocking-stuffers

Christmas is coming up pretty soon, so I was thinking it might be fun to share ideas about good stocking-stuffers for friends and family members who like to spend time in the kitchen.

Let’s set three basic rules:

  1. Should be cooking related
  2. Should be able to fit into a Christmas stocking
  3. Should cost less than $20

To start off. I’d like to suggest the Joseph Joseph garlic rocker. When I first got this thing, I thought it might turn out to be a silly gimmick and wind up in the back of a drawer somewhere, but I actually use it more than my fancy Kuhn Rikon Epicurean garlic press. What I like about the garlic rocker is that it produces coarsely chopped garlic that is perfect for certain dishes. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store. Available at Amazon for less than $12.


Nice idea! I’ve had my eye on this cat ginger grater for a while. I’d love if it showed up in my stocking.



Great first suggestion! I have something similar – the Kyocera ceramic ginger grater. Yours is way cuter (I’m a “cat person” too), but the Kyocera might be a bit more practical due to the deep juice gutter around the grating surface. It also has a nonslip rubber coating on the bottom rim to keep it from sliding around during use. Unfortunately, the 6.5-inch size costs about $25, which exceeds the price limit. The 3.5-inch version is only $15, but seems too small to be useful, IMO.

the price limit.

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I’m a sucker for picks … they are just so cute and can turn a standard app into something very festive

I have one after reading many good reviews… unfortunately, I don’t really like mine. It works and all, but I guess it just isn’t that revolutionary. I guess I will force myself to use it a few more times to see if I will fall in love later.

Christmas stocking gifts huh?

What about this 5" X 3.5" sign for your kitchen?


Thimes, what a fabulous site!

I’m embarrassed to say how many pics I order from them. Even though Halloween is passed (well not passed but too late to order for the party I’m going to) I may have to get those skull pics.

Yes, those skulls picks are tempting me too.

I think everyone secretly wants demitasse spoons. Either they once had some and have lost several (i swear! They’re like socks in the wash!) or have always wanted to feel a moment of frivolity and chic while stirring your morning coffee…
Prices range wildly but it’s easy to find a set of six under $20


Not really a gift suggestion but I use my microplane grater, upside down, to do ginger. Better than anything I’ve ever tried.

Since a Microplane grater is cooking related, would fit into a Christmas stocking, and costs less than $25, it could be a gift suggestion :slight_smile:

YES! I have fancy “wizard spoons” my mom received as a gift from one of my babysitters. And yes, one “went missing”–why does that always happen?!

They’re also perfect for serving small gelato samples. I love dainty little stirring spoons. My own special spoon like that has a bee on it. I’ll try to snap a photo tomorrow.

Assuming we’re allowed ingredients as well as gadgets then I often give this home flavoured vinegar: After pouring out a splash from a 500ml/1 pint bottle of white wine vinegar push in three or four garlic cloves (don’t bother to peel them) and a sprig or two of tarragon (a heaped teaspoon of dried tarragon would be fine). Re-seal, and a month later you’ll have a fragrant vinegar which makes the best french dressing I’ve ever tasted. 1:6 ratio with EVOO + a little S&P is all you need.

I would have thought this was a useless and silly tool… until I starting using one. It’s really useful when you’re browning any kind of ground meat for sauces, soups, etc.

The Pampered Chef Mix N Chop #2583
$13.47 on Amazon

CindyJ, I have a similar tool and love it!

The tool for breaking up ground meat reminded me of this… They say it can be used for that too, but what I love it for is mixing thick batters. It has wide blades that work like little spatulas to clean the sides of the bowl. I use this a lot!

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Seeing all these interesting and handy-looking utensils that you guys have suggested reminds me to mention of one of my favorites – the WMF ball whisk.

For thin things (like eggs for omelets), the steel balls on the ends of the wires set up a nice whipping effect. For thicker things, the open end prevents the formation of a “gunk ball” that sometimes appears inside a balloon whisk. Also, the flared shape lets you reach right into the corners of vertical-walled saucepans or large Pyrex measuring cups. Easy to wash, easy to store.

$17.95 at Amazon.

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I’ve got that ball whisk. Love it!

This serrated peeler is a game-changer: I have the original black one but for some reason it’s $6 more on Amazon than the red. Easily peels tomato, peach, etc., taking a very thin strip, so wastes less than most peelers.