Christmas stocking-stuffers

Some of the things I’ve received that I use regularly? A small whisk with a base like an egg with feet. It comes in handy when whisking in small-volume containers like a measuring cup. And thanks to the feet, it stands up on the counter.

Tiny oven mitts for the toaster oven. Basically, the thumb goes in one side and a finger (or in the case of my hands, three fingers) fit the other side. Plus they’re magnetic, so they stick to the side of the toaster oven and ver get lost.

A really good candy thermometer.

Chocolate. The insanely good little squares of dark chocolate from 10,000 Villages; dark sea salt caramel bars

Oh, and katty, I got that ginger grater either last year or the year before. I don’t use it much, but it looks good on the window sill above the sink.

Things I’ve put in others’ stockings? Tea (both loose and bags). Small jams and jellies. Oxo good grips utensils (knives, peeler, etc) for mom’s arthritic hand issues.

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Hey, now that we’re talking whisks, my other favorite is a silicone-coated flat whisk. Perfect for making pan gravy. Mine’s actually a Rosle, but it’s slightly over the $20 price limit. This Cuisipro looks just as good, and is well under the limit at only $17.

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Thanks, greygarious. I just ordered one for my Christmas stocking! :slight_smile:

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A silpat would be a nice one for anyone who does a lot of baking. Not super-trendy, but it is one of those things that’s stood the test of time in my kitchen.

Also, pretty much anything from the GIR line would meet the criteria (well, the lids probably wouldn’t fit in a stocking, but any of the utensils). Great spatulas.

Oh! And how about an Ove Glove? I don’t have one, but I have a friend who absolutely swears by them, and I keep meaning to pick one up.

You made me think of one more thinG along those lines–I love this baking mat. So much easier and nicer than lining a pan with foil:

Huh, never seen that! I’ve just been doing a parchment sling for brownies . . . love the reusable stuff though. So it works well?

Beautifully! I use it all the time and highly recommend.

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I have also got a similar flat whisk. IKEA, I think!:grinning:

I’m a sucker for a good whisk… I didn’t realize how long I’d had my “bliss whisk” by Nigella Lawson, but I went to find a link to it and it looks like it’s been gone from the market for a long, long, time. I’m sure there are other versions of little spiral whisks, but its small size and comfortable handle make it one of those things that I always have to go into the dishwasher to find, rather than the drawer.

Ha ha. I’m like some sort of whisk freak, 'cos I’ve also got the Nigella whisk!!. I got mine in a secret Santa gift 8 years ago. Also probably my most used whisk I have and also had difficulty locating a back up.:disappointed:.

Hi, TS:

For <$3, I like these:


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Kuhn Rikon snips!

Great thread! And great suggestions.

I’m partial to Tovolo Spoonulas. What a handy tool.

For ginger graters, I prefer the metal kind with a well at the bottom, like this one

Can’t remember if this has been mentioned, but I use my microplane grater, turned upside down, for grating ginger and other non-cheese things. Makes a big difference.

Maesri Thai curry pastes - they come in cute little cans and are quite inexpensive, and make amazing curry!

Kuhn Rikon peelers!

Spices from Penzey’s - their prices are definitely higher than grocery stores but the quality is great, so they can be a nice little luxury.

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With respect, the Swiss Star peelers are best-in-class IMO, and dirt cheap. They come in 3 versions (carbon, SS, and SS serrated). The serrated is a wonder on things like hard squash, tomatoes and peaches. The carbon is wicked sharp.


Wow, those look fantastic! Tomatoes??? Cool.

Yes, and no plastic.

Wine and bar accessories . Plenty to choose from .

I’ve never used this brand but I will check them out!

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