Christmas morning breakfast for a crowd. Is there such a thing as a pancake casserole?

My family has enjoyed a long history of me making pancakes on Christmas morning. Not everyone has enjoyed this tradition. Namely me. I don’t like pancakes. I don’t even like mornings. I’m all about the bacon.

I found this one

But I thought I remember something in a sheet pan.


If you have a waffle maker… this vid has some really cool ideas…

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Thank you!

I was thinking of something like this!



Too funny, Shrinkrap - I’ve never liked pancakes and have never been a morning person. The best way I know to feed a large crowd are those overnight breakfast stratas - there are sweet and also savory versions. A pretty bowl of fruit salad, coffee, tea and Bob’s your uncle.


Several ideas here (French toast, not pancake casseroles); unfortunately it’s not an option to gift this article.

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Thank you! Unfortunately they don’t like anything interesting. Thus the pancakes.

But here is a gift link.

P.S. I’m having this breakfast casserole.


I find the recipes in this site to be pretty reliable:


I admit I’m feeling a bit bolshie right now but at some point they can make their own erfing pancakes and make you some bacon while they’re at it. :wink:


Hahaha - this cracked me up. Sounds like me and a bunch of “we always do this!” things :joy:

Love the idea of sheet pan pancakes, but also, you could make the pancakes in advance and freeze them.

Some of my friends do this regularly for their kids during the school year, so they can pull out a couple in the morning.


Turns out Krustahv has a “recipe” for sheet pancakes, to which I added buttermilk , melted butter, baking powder, salt, sugar, eggs, vanilla…I know :roll_eyes:

After broiling the top breifly

The consensus was that it wasn’t the same crisp texture, but still provided a vehicle for butter and maple syrup.


There’s definitely a crêpe cake! But it takes more time than a pancake casserole or baked French toast casserole.

My parents both like French Toast and waffles more than pancakes, so I used to beg for Pancakes as a kid :joy: We had pancakes maybe once for every 30 times we seemed to have waffles or French Toast. Waffles or French Toast are the go-to breakfasts when we have guests.