Christmas Leftovers SE Asian or East Asian style.

There might be a post about this but couldn’t find it. Had a 3 bird roast (chicken,
pheasant and duck) for Xmas dinner. For breakfast today had banh mi. Duck pate on baguette. Cucumber, pickled carrots. Piled on sliced meat with chillies, coriander and lime juice. Nice key change from Xmas dinner. Nice change from turkey sandwiches or turkey curry. A few years ago I made beef pho from a beef fore rib that we had for Xmas day. So any other SE or East Asian riffs on your Xmas Leftovers?


Mung bean noodles with mixed salad greens? Shred the meat, Vietnamese fish sauce (garlic, chillies, pinch of sugar, fish sauce, lime juice). Mix everything up well.

If you could make a duck stock with the carcass you might be interested in duck soup with salted (calamansi) lime. Add noodles and leftover duck meat when ready to eat.


For most, you can always make a congee, which works well. Did a beef roast this year, so I’ve got thai beef salad coming. Stirfry is always flexible, of course. Easy to make thai and/or malaysian curries with any type of leftover as well, especially with the pastes that are pretty readily available at this point.

Seconded to the noodle salad from Presunto too.

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Bones are always good for broth.

Banh mi is very forgiving, yesterday I was so hungry and lazy to cook, I even put some (French) pork pâté with some lettuce, spring onion and maggi sauce.

Dishes with a lot of spice and sauce works well too. So most Chinese, Thai, Malaysian stir fry would work.

One problem can be your original cooking might use ingredients that aren’t corresponding in Asian cooking, like red wine. Becomes a weird fusion. In case of cream, maybe one can try Indian / Malaysian cooking with curry coconut. Dishes that have used lemon, Vietnamese and Thai would be more suitable.

Planning to use the remaining Bresse chicken remains for a ramen broth. Once ate in a restaurant, it was very rich and good chicken taste.

Second thinking, maybe ramen broth might not work. I’ve used tarragon, rosemary and lemon in the original cooking. These herbs only exist in mediterranean cooking.

From Thanksgiving.