Christmas 2023

What are you planning for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, etc?

I plan to make Dublin Lawyer, a lobster in whiskey cream sauce usually served with rice for Xmas Eve.

Probably Huevos Rancheros Casserole for Xmas Morning, unless I decide to go with a Benny.

Roast goose with potato dumplings , red cabbage, spanakopita, baked beans and corn for Xmas Dinner. Maybe lingonberry sauce from a jar to go with the goose. Christmas pudding with whisky sauce from a friend.

Boxing Day is leftovers and any dishes I didn’t get around to making on Xmas Day. :slightly_smiling_face:


This morning, I moved my “Christmas” Ham from the chest freezer to the refrigerator to begin the thawing process.

After checking in with Sunshine, we are having (slow cooked) ham, cornbread stuffing, sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar, corn, cranberry sauce (out of a can) and pork gravy (envelope). I found some “Brown and Serve” rolls at the grocery store, so I won’t have to make rolls from scratch (like Thanksgiving).

Dessert is a simple apple cobbler (heated) with vanilla ice cream.

I’m already thinking about what to do with some of the leftover ham… maybe a quiche?? maybe a white pizza with onions and ham?? We’ll see…

ETA: We are going to visit one of Sunshine’s girlfriends on Christmas – mid-day (kind of a brunch). She can’t have any sugar, so I’m going to try to bake a cake with “Monk Fruit” sweetener and sugar-less icing (suggested by the friend).


We’re making cioppino for Christmas Eve, along with garlic bread. Will open our box of See’s Nuts & Chews for dessert.

Christmas brunch will be mimosas, waffles and sausage patties. I bought a pound of ground pork to mix with Penzey’s Breakfast Sausage Seasoning (something new to me) - I’m going to put that together tomorrow to sit overnight. We might have a splash of Bailey’s in our coffee.

We found a nice sale on prime rib roasts, so treated ourselves to a 3 rib roast that DH is going to cook on the Big Green Egg. We like a horseradish sauce with prime rib made with sour cream, coarse Dijon mustard and Gold’s horseradish. That will free up the oven for potatoes dauphinoise. Broccolini for redemption. More See’s chocolates for dessert with some Bailey’s. Since there are just the two of us, we will be enjoying the leftovers for awhile.

Hope everyone has a delicious holiday! (My tastebuds are only about 50% recovered since Covid in September, which is a bummer).


Your menu sounds terrific. Cioppino is one of my winter holiday faves. I need to get it back into the rotation.

It’s the two of us here for Christmas as well. That leaves me free to try something I haven’t made before. Inspired by the HO posters who have been preparing duck, I’m going to try duck breast with pan sauce following this method.

We haven’t decided whether to enjoy the duck on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I am planning an all-appetizer dinner whichever day we don’t have the duck.

Dessert is purchased, including a small chocolate cake. Going for unfussy.


We had the cioppino base in the freezer - all we have to do is heat it up and add the seafood - which we’ll purchase tomorrow. I don’t think we’ll quite hit 7 fishes unless our seafood place has fresh squid, but we’ll be close enough. That duck sounds delicious!!


Genius. Why oh why have I never thought to freeze the cioppino base? I do prep the base ahead and add the seafood before ready to serve. But somehow I haven’t thought ahead like that.


This salmon mousse for tonight’s Festivus party.

For xmas eve we spontaneously invited the couple who hosted that fabulous Babylon Berlin themed party a coupla weeks ago, and my PIC will be making lamb yuvetsi & I’m making maroulosalata. Apps will be TJ’s dolma & beans in tomato sauce. Our guests are bringing apple pie, and we bought some fancy blue cheeses (Stichelton and Rogue blue) to go with.

It’s the two of us for xmas day & we prefer to have small bites like shrimp cocktail, nice cheese & charcuterie, and seafood salads. I also picked up a sizable jar of trout roe that will make many appearances in upcoming festive meals - so pretty :heart_eyes:


It’s just three of us and we are very low key for Christmas. Christmas Eve is always stuffed shells since my daughter declared that around age 4. Christmas breakfast is either homemade cinnamon rolls or coffee cake. It’s coffee cake this year (recipe from the Cafe Flora cookbook - I’ve never been there and have no idea how I came to own the cookbook!). My husband requested old fashioned chicken and noodles for Christmas dinner. I’ll also make various snacks like hummus and guacamole. Homemade caramel corn at some point and some of the dozens of cookies we’ve baked for desserts.


Our recipe makes too much for just the two of us, so we make all of the base - use half of it the first time and freeze the other half for later.


It’s just me, but I’m still making the recent traditional beef tenderloin with cognac cream sauce that I used to make for Mom and me. Called Hannaford yesterday morning and picked up a 3+ lb. tenderloin last night. Might not cook the whole thing. Maybe cut in half and save the rest for another time.

Herb-roasted potatoes in duck fat, and I’m not sure on the veg. I’m leaning towards a green bean, onion, red bell pepper sauté with something interesting sprinkled in for flavah.

Dessert will be Lemon Posset with crushed gingersnaps and maybe a raspberry coulis, if I have some in the freezer.

There will be wine. (Duh!) I have several reds gathering dust that probsbly need to be cracked open.


Christmas eve will be the usual spread of soups, home baked buns, cold cuts/cheeses and veggies with a plate of cookies as dessert. Christmas day will be an all out food fest of a prime rib roast, eye of round, gravy, Yorkshire puddings, a host of veggie sides, and our traditional home made Christmas pudding with cream for dessert. Already looking forward to the bubble and squeak from the leftovers.


Same here when I buy a roast.

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Tamales for dinner (beef and green corn both) Christmas Eve, going out to family’s Christmas day, probably menudo on New Year’s day.


BF is out of state visiting with his parents. Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) will be just me. I am thinking that I am going to make something with the other half of a packet of cod I am opening tonight (Kylie Kwong’s Fried Fish with Ginger and Green Onion). I will have a better idea tomorrow, once the spirit moves me.

Christmas will be me and mom. When I asked her what she wanted to eat she said, “Red meat!” She also wants a baked potato and broccoli. I ended up buying two huge bone-in rib eyes and some broccolini. I already have russet potatoes in the house. I think dessert will be cupcakes. I have a recipe in my binder somewhere that makes exactly two at a time.

BF will be home Tuesday. He has requested munchies to eat in front of the tv with beer. I think I am going to make something, like crab escabeche, that can be eaten with tortilla chips. Although, maybe it will be a hot dip. I’ll have a better idea closer to Tuesday.


Im invited to a Christmas eve dinner . Can’t wait to see the 20 lb prime rib roast . I was there for Thanksgiving it was fabulous. Im bringing the Belvedere.


What is Belvedere?? And I can’t imagine a 20 lb prime rib roast - hope your hosts allow you to to photograph it so we can see!!


Belvedere is vodka . Yes there will be pictures


20 lbs of prime rib roast qualifies for the status of Roast Beast, I think. Enjoy!


Since I didn’t make a turkey for thanksgiving, I missed it so. Someone gave me a frozen 21 lb Butterball; I usually buy 12-13 lb ones so this will be heavy for me.

Out of all methods I’ve tried, I now prefer the “low & slow” way so into oven at 10 am, out at 5 pm, resting till
6 pm.

This year I made some things ahead and froze (turkey stock, herb garlic dinner rolls, blueberry/blackberry hand pies) and am making ahead gravy starter, stuffing, mashed potatoes.

Thinking back, however was I working, shopping for groceries, doing most of the prep, cooking, clean up? I wish I’d been smarter about spreading the work over a few days.

Wish I had a group to do a pot luck situation where I’d only need to tend to the turkey. (I’d miss my recipes for stuffing (I no longer stuff the bird), cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes (using a ricer than a tamis). The roasted turkey stock makes perfect gravy.