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This is kind of a duplicate post, but I think it deserves it’s own thread. Christine’s for those of you who don’t know is a fairly new (2 years old) restaurant in the Atlantic Highlands, NJ. It resides in the location that use to house AMA, which moved to Sea Bright. Christine’s is a small BYOB which specializes in Italian food, and has quickly become a hidden gem in Monmouth County. I’m a very big fan of Chef/Owner Ron and his little spot here. Especially now that I’m not drinking and have to put up with the sneer’s from people when I have an ice bucket with Vodka in it next to my table, Christine’s is one of my favorites.

Last night I decided to stray from my normal veal chop, and go with the steak specials. He has been promoting nightly steak specials, being prime steaks with different cut’s offered each night. Last night he had a tomahawk rib eye, and NY Strip steak, so I decided to try them both. (along with my guest) They were outstanding…truly outstanding. If you are in the mood for an excellent steak I strongly recommend you give them a try. They were prepared with a salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme and sage rub. Normally I don’t care for seasoning on my steak outside of salt and pepper, but this combination worked very well.


Wow you remind me of someone else. I just can’t think of who :smile:

Damn, now I am going to have to go out again tonight. Was this on special or did they do away with the gorgonzola strip steak?

I’ve been told I remind people of some devilishly handsome and extraordinarily charismatic poster on an old board they use to participate on. Perhaps that is who you are thinking of.

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The steaks above were the special steaks of the night, I’m not familiar with the gorgonzola strip so I assume these were in replace of it for last night.

(good to see you! thanks for joining us over here)

Nuff said!!! (I called ahead and special requested this)

The Veal Chop Christine should be illegal it’s so good. But perhaps I should pay attention when Desi is recommending the steak.

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My buddy got the steak it was very good as well.

Nice pic jr. The strip or ribeye for 2?

I haven’t been there in a while. IS the strip still gorgonzola topped?

The strip last night was not, but I’m sure you could request it. We sat outside last night, he’s done a good job making that a year round space.

I bet it’s not as claustrophobic outside.

I want to habe Ron whip up a saltimbocca veal chop. He said he would do it. I have just been procrastinating.

Best part of being an adult; Veal Parm for breakfast!!

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Went with friends last night, made the mistake of going during the Atlantic Highlands fair, parking was impossible, but I got lucky. Reservations were for 8:45 and between the time and some no-shows due to the parking the place wasn’t packed. (Which you know is always a blessing on a Fri or Sat night)

Good to see Ron, learned he’s doing the good at Due Process Country Club, kudos to Ron! Had the regulars, egg rolls, Ceasare salad and the veal chop Christine. All excellent as usual!!

Nice pic jr! Ron is the man! Could you imagine him running a place like salt creek or nauvoo? Get a petition going lol

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I hate to just post for the sake of posting but I’ve got some legit news to report about Christine’s. We all know about the veal chop which is by far my favorite anywhere but last night they had a special (they had it over the summer when we were here but we didn’t order it) swordfish “on the bone”. I have never seen this cut of swordfish nor have I ever had it prepared anything like this and it was out-f*cking-standing.

I could eat this everyday of the week. I’m sorry for the picture quality but the bone is similar to a tomahawk rib eye with meat all around the bone like a lamb shank. Honestly outside of wahoo in Aruba, this is the best non-fishy fish dish (say that 3 times fast) I have ever had.

One thing I will say about the restaurant business, sooner or later a restaurant has to give you new reasons to keep them interested in coming back. This my friends is a reason to go visit Christine’s again if it’s been awhile. I would suggest you call to make sure he has this on special.

(My veal and the wife’s swordfish)



was rest of fillet boneless? That looks great…nice to see someone here looking to offer new and interesting items, especially when it raises the game and not just as an excuse to raise prices. Too many places here rest on laurels and it shows.

Yum! I love swordfish. Good to hear Ron is still being creative.

Did you ever ask him to make you veal saltimbocca? He told me he would one night but I never ordered. He just said to give him a day or two notice

Here’s another pic after reheating it tonight for dinner. Yes the bone runs straight through it. Still so good!

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I dunno I might be able to give Ron a run for his money. Behold my homemade veal chop parm!


Was there last night…Ron wins!

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Nice! What did you get?

Jr that is looking might tasty. Have you tried any of those tomahawk veal shanks from livottis yet?

I cannot resist the allure of the veal chop Christine.

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