Christine's Atlantic Highlands

It is a great dish! (Happy Cake Day!!)

That is a solid dish! I prefer beef but that veal dish is definitely top notch!

I meant to direct that at you coldbeer but nonetheless, all three of us us like ron’s dishes :slight_smile:

Haven’t been to Livotti’s…we live in Morris County and Christine’s is one of about 4 or 5 Monmouth County restaurants we travel to these days, and certainly the only BYOB.

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Nice buddy. If you’re a pork chop guy try angelicas. It will be worth the drive…from one carnivore to another. And now it is prime time…all the tourists are gone.

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I took an Uber last night and we passed Jimmy’s in Asbury Park, I commented to the driver that it’s an excellent Italian restaurant, his reply: “For great Italian food I go to Christine’s in Atlantic Highlands”.

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Yes, but Jimmy’s got a bar, with gin, and vermouth, and Campari, and Parmesan, and salami, and olive oil, and bread and red sauce, and valet parking, and an ace of spades to get your car back and so much more, BUT! It’s a longer ride home. Yes, Angelica’s is the bomb and as a former Sea Bright resident a spot in my heart, however, if you have only do much gas in the tank…1). Veal Chop Christine. 2) Tomhawk Ribeye at the Grand Tavern. 3) Beef Rib, Surf BBQ. Hey, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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That pastrami short rib is definitely out of control!

I haven’t tried the grand tavern ribeye yet.

I hit the new catch tonight and just got back. I had the pork chop and my friend had the angry lobster. Both were good but that place is kind of weird for me. The tomahawk pork chop, which I never got a chance to try, is off the menu. I liked the old catch vibe better.

So I don’t need to give you a review of my NYE dinner, it was of course great. I’m writing this for one reason though, as much as I love Christine’s if you are dining in sub-freezing temps like we have been experiencing the heating system outside is NOT sufficient to keep you warm. I understand we are in a unique situation with a pro-longed cold spell, but we had a table of 10 and were seated “outside” and it was very cold. By the end of the meal it was down right uncomfortable.

Just a friendly warning to double check when you make a reservation during the winter, if it’s below freezing re-think taking a table outside.

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I’m shocked that any restaurant would think they could seat people outside (even with tents/heaters) in this weather!

It was nice and warm at Drew’s in Keyport. The meal itself deserves a thread of its own.

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That is pretty wild that they actually sit people out there in these temps. Any outdoor drinking/dining with heatlamps is usually terrible It’s either cold as hell or you feel like you’re in a rotisserie if you’re next to the lamp. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium for me.

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All large parties go outside now, I’ve had 2-3 large® parties of 6 or more and they are all out there. We were one of 3 parties out there but we were closest to the street, where the door to the patio is. It was just very porous and the cold air came right through.

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I work in Atlantic Highlands. This place is revered. It was a favorite restaurant of my father, who passed away over the summer. Unfortunately, I never got to try it with him.

Darn, sorry to hear about that. Your dad has some good taste in food. Quite a few members here are big fans of Christine’s. They turn out some great food and it’s one of those places I wish I could eat at every other night…hell probably every night.

I never actually went there. We ate out a lot together, but that was one place I always happened to be busy when he and my mom were going. I did try their leftovers, though! :slight_smile: Some killer sausage and broccoli rabe egg rolls if I remember correctly.

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Yes those egg rolls are delicious! Pretty much everything I’ve had there has been very good.

What’s the deal with the wine bar above harborside? I’ve been there like twice I think for drinks.

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