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Where are you?

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it?

Local restaurants, recipes, beer, wine, spirits, cocktails

What’s a great food experience you have had?

I try to have one once a week so there are too many to count!

A little tidbit about you

I come from a family of good cooks. My mother was in charge of daily cooking and my dad had special projects on the weekends where he would wake up extra early to go to Atwater market or Marché Jean-Talon. All the kids are adults now and me, my sisters and my parents split up cooking on holidays. We rarely do the same thing. My dad is a much much better gourmet than me and has a wider palette. I became interested in food when I learned that I was good at it (i.e.: I rarely messed up recipes) and that it could impress my girlfriends. Later on I developed a reputation as a competent cook among friends and a that guy that brought the desert you had to try at potlucks.

My condolences. I adored jfood the dog. I remember when you changed your avatar to a greying jfood resting on the sofa. I miss him.

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Where are you? Indian Territory
**What food-related topic are you most passionate about, that you want people to ask you about and you can’t stop talking about it? **Food Glorius Food! Seriously, how about lets talk about how modern chefs label food they can’t define with inappropriate names, They need to learn a little about the history of food origins.
**What’s a great food experience you have had? **Meeting Julia Child at her 90th birthday party in Miami at the ICPA conference. Or teaching my nephew how to make a proper hollandiase sauce for his traditional eggs benedict that happens only at Christmas day at his house. He was amazed at how easy it was to do.
**A little tidbit about you. ** , Okay, I learned how to cook because my mom and her mom were not all that good. Survialist instinct. Originially I went to college to become a high school history teacher (still fond of history) and dropped out when I was having more fun working in the hospitality industry. I have had the opportunity to live and work at some incredible places in the USA in the hospitality field. In the end, to borrow a phrase from E. Piaf, “je ne regrette rein” hope I spelled that correctly. life is good. Trying to ease myself into semi-retirement. What the heck?

How about IACP, does that work?

Welcome! Hope your rich experience will contribute to the discussions.

Almost correct, should be “rien” (nothing). “rein” is kidney.

THanks, my brain seemed to want to take the day off that day.

Hi All-

I was Foodiex2 on CH, an unfortunate name that I was not allowed to change, and well, I am now banned so I guess it doesn’t matter. I am CYC80 here as well as on twitter. I am glad to join HO!

I live south of Boston so most of my experience take place there but regularly travel so loves checking out the regional boards.

I am an accomplished home cook and love cooking. Baking? not so much!


I realized I joined and did not fill this out…

  1. Split time between San Francisco and Sacramento
  2. Cookware and great restaurants that aren’t hugely expensive but don’t make you fear for your health and safety. Travel and food. Market finds and cooking with them.
  3. One experience was at an agriturismo in the hills between of Torino and the Barolo wine region, with our Roman friend, a native of the area, and a few of his local relatives. Lunch took five hours and 12+ courses, made mostly from the farm and the surrounding area. Cost 40E. We finished as the sun was beginning to set.
  4. I’ve been to over 45 countries and have lived in Europe
  1. Northern Utah but grew up on the High Desert in CA
  2. Passions currently include canning, bread making, cheese making and gardening (specifically heirloom tomatoes)
  3. Husband and I finally took a real vacation to New Orleans a few years back. I’d go back in a heart beat.
  4. I thought northern Utah was such a food desert since we do not have the popular stores (that has changed for Utah but not my corner of it) but over the last few years I’ve discovered how wrong I am. We may not have the stores but the farmers are in your back yard and gardens all but grow themselves as long as you water them. I’ve been finally using the dehydrator and canning supplies I bought many years ago and putting up all the awesome produce I can get my hands on.
  1. now in Northern NJ suburbs of NYC, after moving from Brooklyn

  2. Love all things food and wine. I am passionate about instilling in my kids a love of good food and an appreciation for how it’s made. Also, because my husband doesn’t eat leftovers, I enjoy the challenge of trying to transform and reinvent any leftovers for a round 2.

  3. Chef’s tasting at Brooklyn Fare, among others fine dining experiences in NYC. But would also count my mom’s wonderful Indian home cooking as some of my favorite food memories.

  4. I grew up in a small town in the midwest, but moved to NYC after law school. I have two little kiddos who I love cooking for and with. My husband grew up with awful food habits and almost no exposure to good food, or hell, vegetables. I’ve spent our nearly two decades together trying to open up the world of great food to him and pass along my family’s rich tradition of food and great memories around the table to my husband and kiddos. I struggle with balancing long hours at work with family time and usually spend late nights menu planning and cooking.


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  1. I live in the middle of america on a gravel road. I buy pork, beef , chicken and lamb directly from the people that raise them.

  2. BBQ ing on my Big Green Egg, and cheese.

  3. Most memorial dining experiences are Michel Rostang’s michelin starred restaurant in Paris and an impromptu picnic with my wife . I just pulled onto a half deserted road by a small lake in Canada and had fresh bread, great cheese and wonderful ham sandwiches.

  4. I make cheese for a living. It’s not glorious at all.


the edit button did not work at all. The preview did not work either. How can I have 1,2,3,4 on one side and it comes out 1,2,3,1,?

don’t worry about it – tell us more about your cheese! :smile:


Yes. Its because of the missing space between 3. and Most. I added that space in, and the numbering became ok again.


  1. Pittsburgh, after lengthy stays in SoCal, Berkeley, Upstate NY, Oregon and N. Texas
  2. Excellent ingredients. Learned to cook in Berkeley in the early days of Chez Panisse - enjoyed the glorious goods from produce farmers, cheese makers, bread makers, etc. So I’m more of an assembler than a cook.
  3. Digging a hole in the sand at Stallion Springs (low tide), hopping in the hot spring water and toasting the early morning sun over the Pacific, then cooking eggs on a drift-wood fire.
  4. Trying to up my cooking game because my spouse has a chronic disease and everything has to be intensely flavored and rich in calories to entice him to eat. And trying not to eat like that myself. Thanks to all on this website, I learn a lot every time I visit.
  1. NYC & Rockland Co NY
  2. I like to talk about where to eat, what to eat, and what’s that special something that makes ones recipe, restaurant dish, or prepared item work so well that makes it over the top good & to discover new ways of preparing something I never thought of.
  3. I have fond memories of dining in Chinatown NYC as a kid in the 60’s & 70’s. Waiting on long lines to get into Cantonese joints. I still enjoy Chinatown, but that vibe is long gone.
  4. 2014 I placed 1st in our local apple pie contest. This was after at age 16 I swore I’d never bake one again when my crust was about 3" high. I gave it one more dedicated shot, and my pie won!
    I’m an ex-Chowhounder, lurked around since 2000, banned once, resurfaced after a friend of Jim’s went to bat for me to be able return.

Welcome michele_cindy. Don’t forget to visit the NY/Connecticut board. That’s for Rockland also, We need to ramp that up a bit!!

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ok -will add some topics soon.

Welcome, michele cindy, love your cat!
It’s great that we have an expert in baking on board!

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