Chicken Essence

All this talk about stocks and broth related logomachy, got me thinking.

Anyone here besides me make chicken essence?

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Can you expand a bit on what your chicken essence is?

I’ll do you one better and show you.


What the heck is a “black chicken”?

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Much to learn, I see you have.!,and%20is%20also%20extremely%20expensive.

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What I don’t know would fill a book… uhh, nope, make that a library!

The Library of Congress for me …

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Thanks. So is the meat pretty much dogfood after the 6-8 ounces of juice are extracted via slow-cooking?

Well, careful there my friend, there are folks here who treat their dogs better than their own children. :slight_smile:

The meat is certainly usable, I use it for chicken salad or my own version of “pulled chicken” (a la pulled pork)

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Good, thanks. I think I’ll give this a try (regular chicken, though, as I doubt I’ll find the black chicken here).

The reason I asked if the meat was essentially spent was because when I make a broth or stock in the instant pot, after 4-6 hours at pressure any meat that went in comes out completely flavorless.

Flavorless to me, that is. To my dogs it’s some kind of heaven-sent foodstuff. I also mash up the bones with the leftover meat and put it in a “Doggie Bribe” bag in the fridge to mix into their kibble.


I think a chicken brick, low and slow (in the oven) will yield pretty much the same result.

Chicken fits pretty snugly inside. I got mine back in the ‘70s at a country crafts fair - lots of cool pottery for sale. My cat recently broke my chicken ocarina, a contemporaneous purchase.

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Cool as hell. Chicken brick, eh? Love it.

I’ve never made essence. Give me a good reason to use the chimois, though.

Evidently, the original was a thing in terra cotta sold by Conrad’s in London in the ‘60s. Quite a fad. Obviously mine is glazed. I don’t know if Conrad’s worked like a Römertopf or not.

No there’s something that would be hard to get rid of. Got personality.

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Best part of Top Chef Season 11 in Texas. Charlize Theron with some take on that stepmother fairytale. Oh yeah; “Snow White & The Huntsman”.


I’ve made soup with black chicken and it’s really nice. It’s always available at the local Chinese grocery store and is less expensive than an organically raised bird. Haven’t tried to make essence, but looks interesting.


Does supermarket chicken taste like chicken anymore. To me it’s just a large over produced waste basket . Free range or not .

Just found this thread. I make Chicken essence a lot. In it’s a big thing in Chinese cooking as well, and is considered a healing or nurturing broth. Fascinating that you raise the chicken meat, because I feel guilty when I through the chicken meat out. It is fairly flavorless at that point, but maybe I should try harder. :sweat_smile:

I recently used it to make dumpling stuffing. Not bad, you put enough sesame oil and just about anything will be palatable at some point.