Chex Mix Hacks?

Wahine is fixin’ to make a big batch of her family recipe for the holiday snack mix. I value it for nostalgia and tradition, and I don’t mind eating some, but to be fair, my reaction to it is like a lot of people’s reactions to the ubiquitous green bean casserole.

So I’m wondering how Hounds jazz Chex Mix up. Pita chips, cheese pretzel bits, sambal paste, pistachios?

Ideas, please.


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Togarashi and/or your favorite furikake.


A light caramel coating and big crunchy flakes of maldon salt.

We use Bugles and Honeycomb cereal, and mix some cayenne and worcestershire into the butter.


I really like the classic flavor combo but it is weak in flavor. So first off we increase the all of the seasonings except salt.
We do the spicy variation which includes Tabasco or Crystal Sauce.
Make a homemade version of the Season Salt
2 kinds of Cheese Crackers (sometimes 3, I like Cheese Crackers)
Mini Pita or Bread Chips/Crostini
Snyder’s Pretzel Nuggets rather than the thin Pretzels
We use Costco Mixed Nuts (Cashews, Almonds, Pecans and Pistachios)
A friend uses Bacon Fat to good result.



Coincidentally, the Snyder’s Cheddar Pretzel Pieces were what prompted my OP.

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Cheers. Those Snyder’s Pieces are a junk food guilty pleasure for me! The Jalapeño ones make me swoon :shushing_face:

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Thanks for further skewing my waist:inseam ratio. On my way to find the jalapeno version!

Ditto. Also double the butter and add some cayenne or other spicy chile powder. I typically omit any ingredient that won’t absorb spice/butter (i.e. pretzels and nuts) and replace with one that will (extra bagel chips, Bugles, mini Ritz or Triscuits, etc.


Last time I added a bunch of z’atar to the butter mix.

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At my request, Wahine sourced a bag of jalapeno to sdd to the mix. You sre right, they are addictive!

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I remember those!

Bugles and Chicken in a Biskit are classics.


I use the old recipe - butter, Worcestershire, and seasoned salt - none of this garlic salt/bagel chip nonsense! I add pretzel balls (Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Rounds) or Goldfish to add to the crunch/texture variety. Cheez-Itz or cheddar goldfish are a nice addition too.

I’ve also made an Old Bay version, with the “sauce” inspired by this:

(Interesting history of Chex mix here… the recipe I use is the 1985 version: 6 T butter, 1.5 T Worcestershire, and about 1/2T seasoned salt. This is for 8-9 C dry stuff.)


Okay. Although I never really embraced that one.

I don’t remember eating it as a child, and now I don’t like the image it calls up for me.

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It’s basically a cracker that tastes vaguely of chicken bullion, I.e salt and msg.

They’re not bad.


I like adding macadamia nuts.

I made some batches without pretzels last year because the 2 of us who like party mix the most don’t like pretzels too much.

It can be hard to find Chex in Canada, so I use Crispix. I add a little lemon juice, similar amount to this recipe.

This one looks interesting, calling for ranch dressing and pecans.

Oh! Last year we made this sweet version - - white chocolate coating, festive M&Ms. It was really good but SWEET.
(I probably used all Chex and no Cheerios, as we haven’t had the latter in the house since my now-12yo aged out of them.)

Long ago I used to put Japanese rice crackers (some with Nori and some without) in after everything was mixed and rested. Bugles were a must, too. I haven’t made the mix in years, maybe I’ll get to it this year. I might try adding pretzel nuggets. There was a recipe for Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow that the kids liked, but I never made that…too much sugar.

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Is there a secret for making muddy buddies that doesn’t turn the popcorn into a chewy, nearly indigestible bit of cardboard coated in chocolate?