Cherries are in season: How do you like them?

If “picking your own” required ladders, the difference was probably the cost of the liability insurance.

Ladders not required. We’ve been picking there for years. Not this year though.

Just made a cherry blueberry pie. Really good. I like the combo better than a pure bb pie. Hoping to see some of the sour cherries at the farmers market. None last year but did get them the year before.

This time of year, the cherries are too good and usually pricey to enjoy them any other way but washed, chilled, pitted and enjoyed as is.

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Something good will come of these beauties.


Eating them straight up as I type this. That’s how I eat cherries most of the time.

At the height of the season I make various compotes for autumn and winter.

With Austrian-style torn pancakes

Love them with game

With duck leg

And with soft cheese

Don’t think they go with fish. Have never tried.



I made cocktail syrup and cherry topping for ice cream.


Lots of ideas! I’m going to start pitting and figure it out later.

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Ideas for later. I haven’t tried these.

Savory Roasted.

Smoked cherry bounce

Spruce Eats-"How to dry cherries "

Homemade Maraschino Cherries

Russian Pickled Cherries

Brown Butter Cherry Bars

Chocolate Cherry Sauce Canning Recipe

Black Forest Preserves

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I had a bunch, and was going to make a clafouti. I roasted the cherries first, but didn’t watch them closely enough. Alas, I burned them! So I have to make attempt number two soon.

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Sour cherry pie!!

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Making sour cherry preserves using the Ferber method. We made this sour cherry crisp with marzipan crumble last summer and I am hoping to to make it again if I can get my hands on more sour cherries. They are a little elusive in my part of upstate NY. If I remember correctly, I wanted to lower the sugar in the cherries next time.

I am also hoping to make clafoutis with the sweet cherries I got. Lots of good ideas on this thread!
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I’m halfway thru this recipe having made the cherry compote part yesterday. and I really like almond with fruit. Thanks for the link!

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Since the cherry filling was on its way to becoming something else entirely, I made a baked batch of just the almond paste crumb topping. So, the plan is to fill custard cups with the cherry compote and crumble the topping over each serving instead. Some whipped cream and we have dessert.


I just picked up a bonus pint with my CSA share. Not enough to cook with,
I will just have to eat them.
:cherries: :cherries: :cherries: :cherries:

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Great idea! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

I found these on a search for the cherry gazpacho mentioned above.

Food and Wine “Our 20 Best Cherry Recipes” 2019

Cherry-Vanilla Clafoutis

Fresh Cherries with Spring Onions and Cilantro

Gâteau Basque

Porch Crawler

Black Cherry Iced Tea

Beet, Pickled Cherry and Crispy Shallot Salad

Sour Cherry Turnovers

Cherry Lambic Crisps

Cherries Poached in Red Wine with Mascarpone Cream

Cherry-Nut Mudslides

Sour-Cherry Lambic Sorbet

Cherry-Berry Pie

Dried Cherry Compote with Shortbread and Mascarpone

Sweet Noodle Kugel with Dried Cherries

Syrah-Braised Lamb with Olives, Cherries and Endives

Chilled Sour Cherry Soup with Fennel & Sour Cream

Cherry Clafoutis

Grilled-Fruit Bruschetta with Honey Mascarpone

Colorado Cooler

Cherry Gazpacho

So many ways to use the fruit. Cherry salsa is delicious! Cherry based sauces pair extremely well with pork or duck. Sour cherries in pie, as previously mentioned, excellent in sour cherry jam too. I like to use sweet or tart ones in place of plums, in Marion Cunningham’s plum torte - very simple, delicious, and all over the internet.

I think @Harters mentioned loving Rainier cherries; I like them too, but have found they have a shorter window of perfection than some other varieties. Washington is a major cherry growing state, so we’re pretty lucky with availability and different varieties. I don’t see many tart cherries in mainstream groceries, but they’re not hard to find in specialty markets. If you miss the season, you can count on finding bags of local frozen ones for cooking.

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James Martin’s Great British Adventure was on the telly when I was in the gym today. He made this indulgent looking bread and butter pudding with a cherry compote.

Sorry can’t find the video but this link has the recipe and photo:

Rooster has a torch, maybe he wants to give the pudding a go.

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I thought sour cherries were done but one of my local farmers has them now. We’re back in the sour cherry jam business. Yum!!

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