Cherries are in season: How do you like them?

Had my first taste of cherries this year in the form of a Cherry Crumb Cake baked by my SO. So good! Looking forward to her delicious Cherry Cafloutis. Great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.
How do you enjoy them?

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With plain nonfat yogurt, for breakfast. I am boring. Also, I don’t really like desserts that much.


Cherries are the queen of fruits! Sweet cherries are eaten straight from the colander in which I wash them. Cooking them ruins them, IMO. Sour cherries, on the other hand, may be eaten raw or cooked into pies, tarts, clafoutis, sauce for ice cream, etc. There is really no bad way to eat a sour cherry. Just don’t oversweeten. They’re tart because they’re supposed to be tart!

ETA: I just had my first taste of the season, and although they were from California they were quite good (dark red sweet). I find the WA crop to be better usually, though, and of course cherries from my great home state of Michigan are superior to all others. Hard to find in NY, though!


As with most fruits - just as they come. Chilled.

We’re still with imported Turkish ones for a while. And expensive too. So havent tasted any yet this year. A few weeks more before I do.

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Straight into my mouth, as is.

5kg down the oesophagus so far.


I will add that when perfect, the white Ranier Cherries are superior to all others and my very favorite fruit.


Where are yours coming from at the minute?

Silly prices here still - £6.25 per kg.

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From several sources: NL, BE, Turkey. Prices ranging from eur.4.50 to 7 depending on type, size and quality.

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Mostly right out of the colander but we eat a LOT of cherries & at the end of the season I freeze as many bags as I can fit in the basket. They actually freeze well.

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By the handful from the $5 quart container bought from the street corner vendor.

I don’t like sweets, so for me cherry gazpacho is a perfect way to use up soft or overly ripe cherries.

I tend to overbuy strawberries, cherries and tomatoes this time of year. :smirk:


Another vote for straight into the mouth! Mostly because pitting in quantity for cooking is such a pain.

Otherwise, in clafouti, with chocolate, in/on cultured dairy such as cheesecake, yogurt, etc.


I got a kilo each from 2 different market stalls today. One is Spanish, forgot to ask where the other comes from. Eur. 5 and 5,50.

A German variety that’s prized here called “Hedelfinger Riesenkirche”/Prunus avium (giant, dark, sweet cherries) will be available in 3 weeks time. A couple of stalls already have them but right now the price is eur.9/kg.

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Sour cherry pie. Season just started here.

In a Manhattan!


I really like the mix of cherries, apricots and almonds. Once I have had my fill of fresh cherries I make a cherry apricot crisp with a small amount of almond extract. I also put some almonds in the topping. One of my favorite summer treats. In a good year the cherry season is still going on when my neighbors apricots start to ripen.


I may sound strange, but rainier cherries when creating fruit water is a great detoxing method.

You can find them at trader joes and they’re sweet but slightly different in taste.

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We can’t even get frozen sour cherries in Los Angeles. You are so lucky!

Well, if you want to pay for the FedEx I can overnight some to you. Fresh or frozen.

There is a local orchard that has a Sour Cherry Grove & we went to get cherries yesterday. They also have a big ‘country store’ retail place. I stopped there first to see if I could buy a few flats wholesale. No dice. However, I checked out their cherries which they sell in the store in pints & quarts. Here’s the pricing structure:

Pick-Your-Own: $3.99 per pound
Quarts (approx 2 pounds): $6.99 per quart
Pints (approx. 1pound): $3.39 per pint

I wonder how many people are picking their own? I didn’t have the heart to ask if they’d split up the quarts into pints so I could buy the cherries at the pint price…

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We used to pick our own in the Willamette Valley of Oregon (cherries, Marionberries). They had a pitter, which was nice. Put sacks of pitted cherries in the freezer for winter pies etc.
One thing I remember: the protective covering & handwashing required to keep us safe from the chemical inputs. They took it very seriously.
I try to buy organic when the prices come under six bucks a pound!
But picking was fun. The trees were beautiful.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold