Cheesy potato casserole

Scalloped, or cubed, or whatever is the best way to get the right potato consistency,

I like a waxy potato for this. I have some Mountain King Steakhouse Gold Potatoes. I also have these

I can’t remember if their white of yellow/ Can you tell?

I want the cheese to stand out. The past couple times I used a Mornay sauce, but I’m wondering if I will get a more cheesy presence with grated cheese?

That leads to the possible use of sharp cheddar? I know there are melting challenges.

I make a mean potatoes au gratin: waxy yellow potatoes sliced very thin on the mandoline, layered overlapping in a buttered 9x13 glass pan, poured over with heavy cream seasoned with more salt than you think is sane, TPSTOG, paprika, a dash of cayenne, sometimes crushed dry rosemary, but it’s not missed. Covered with grated gruyère. Baked at 375 till nice n brown on top.

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potatoes au gratin

GRATIN - Fall 2023 (Oct-Dec) Dish of the Quarter


For cheesy scalloped potato recipes, I’ve always wondered about the reasoning for layering the potatoes, and adding the cheese sauce (and other ingredients, i.e. onions, etc.) in between the layers.

Why couldn’t you mix the cheeses sauce (and the other ingredients as well) with the potatoes before placing them in the cooking vessel?

Is is about establishing a cooking environment meant to create a certain potato texture, since the layers themselves only contact the sauce externally?

I often add the seasoned heavy cream between layers.

Less of a crispy crust.