Heritage weed?

Anyone remember Acapulco Gold??? (Groovy, man)

Or more recently, Mendocino Purple Skunk?

But as they say, if you remember, you weren’t there.

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I was always more of a Panama Red kinda guy…


You guys are funny. Here in Oregon we have pretty free range as far as allowable variations. Gummies, soda pop, inhalers, vape oil pens, a kaleidoscope of strains with differing strengths, effects and uses. Our pot industry, (we’re the top of the Emerald triangle) had surpassed our wine industry by # of workers
and $$, I think, in just a few years. It also has precipitated a land boomlet and prosperity.
Check out Leafly app to get an idea of what’s possible.


I heard the production out there is so strong that places are going out of business since supply exceeding demand. Here in NJ it is probably going to be the complete opposite. There are going to be 13 dispensaries and we have 5 now I believe. This is the most densely populated state as well. It should be interesting to see what happens.


OK so I’ve got a new spot for you central NJ folks.

Today I had a cheese steak from Dutch Prime meats in long branch (it is basically behind the train station)

For 6.50 you get a stacked cheese steak and we got 2 today. I got mine with just cheese and my buddy got his with peppers and onions. Mine was the meatiest steak I can remember having in a long time. It is heavy! My buddy had one even heavier. It had more meat and had the veggies. Look at how big this thing is. You can barely fit this thing into your mouth. Pic is weak but look at the meat/bread ratio compared to his hand/face and you will kind of see what I mean.

It is roast beef freshly sliced so no, it’s not ribeye, but at 6.50 with veggies, it is a decent deal. It was moist and they use white american. I will ask for yellow next time. This has more meat then the 10.00 steaks around here and it is half the size so I’d like to hear some reviews. Their social media seems pretty bad.
This isn’t going to be the best steak you have had but for the money, I think it is well worth it. 2.00 fries and 2.00 onion rings too. I think windmill rings are 5 bucks lol. Tomorrow I’m trying the 2 for 5 schickhaus dogs. I will report back. Pics…

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“This is the most densely populated state”

You ain’t kidding, man do we have a ton of dense people here!


We definitely do have a huge moron population. However, compared to some other states or cities, we look rather smart lol.


We’v Got 5 in my little town of 20,000!
A quick survey of retail outlets shows close to 600 in our state of 4,000,000+ .


Oregon is a fantastic state! I like it out there. This place is ok but our govt is a mess. This state will rake in hundreds of millions in tax dollars and the average citizen won’t see anything. It will just be absorbed into the system and it won’t improve my life or most others on here…or anyone really.

You should see how many NY people will be heading over here. I am guessing they will crank up the toll and tunnel fees as well and again, the average working class person won’t have anything to show for it. Lol

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or just head north in the city to (Orient Ave) Tony Boloney’s. Still my go to when I’m in town. Fresh ingredients all the way around.

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Middletown, a liberal hippy town? That’s a new one on me. Vanilla cul de sac suburbia is more the ‘label’ that I hang on that burg. I so look forward to the laws changing, pissing off all of the ‘stick up their a**’ neanderthals who think it’ll be the fall of western civilization. Fwiw, I found myself on the Cross Bronx Expwy last Sunday nite (not by choice) and I smelled weed the whole time I was on that roadway.



Stumbled upon a really nice cheesesteak joint right by my office that I didn’t even know was there. Meatheadz, Lawrenceville on Business Route 1 in a former Stewarts (across from Lexus dealer). Way better than anything I get in Monmouth (other than the ones I make at home). For my first visit, went with a standby - shaved ribeye, provolone, wit (they have other cheeses, including whiz). Very large sandwich, completely filled with meat and a nice chewy sub roll. The girl behind the counter recommended a “wet” cheesesteak (they had some other name for it, it’s dunked in jus). Next time (and there will definitely be a next time).

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Might have to check it out when I visit my son at Rider! Thanks for the tip!!


Definitely … no more than a few mins off 295 at the Rt. 1 South exit.


No pics? Lol

Last weekend I had a food truck cheese steak that was terrible. I literally wanted to approach the truck and talk to the owner… but I didn’t.

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After a rather disappointing cheesesteak at The Speakeatery a few weeks ago it was time to give somewhere new a shot. The Greatful Deli in Allenhurst was suggested to us and they delivered so they got the call. I’ll tell you what, it’s not a bad cheesesteak, real cheese and peppers and onions cooked perfectly, great sub bread it’s def one of the better ones I’ve had. The only down side was I would have preferred a little more meat. The middle of the sub was fine but the ends, the last inch or two of each end was just bread. Other than that I enjoyed and if your in the area I suggest giving them a try. Someone also has the chicken cheese steak and enjoyed it as well, cut pieces of chicken vs shredded, same peppers and onions.


How about guidos? Have you tried their steak out?

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No sir, but from what I read a lot of them like to dine at Sam Vera in Marlboro!!! (see thread for joke)


Yeah I read that thread lol. You should see Angelicas on a Friday or Saturday night around 830 or so. Staten Island city! It’s a fun time…lots of wine, gold, and tan skin! You would hard pressed to find more women in one spot with orange skin.