I don’t desire to create controversy, but how can someone designate a sandwich associated with a city, not even a state, have a national celebration day? Who decides these matters?
The Hague seems a good place to start

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{{{I bet it’s the Russians}}}


I’m pretty sure there is an official day for everything now. Do you guys have fat sandwiches out there?


I may have miscounted but only one Monmouth county spot? The other one with top 50 dishes had 2 I think and the rest were southern and northern. Seems weird. I guess it all depends on who pays up.


Ha! I have no idea what a fat sandwich entails.
I’m interested though.


Well I’m not sure if they are nj native but I first had them here maybe 20 years ago here when I was a teenager. Here is a glimpse into the world of fat …

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Imagine if you went to McDonald’s one night while intoxicated and decided it would be delicious if you stuffed some chicken nuggets and fries into a Big Mac… that’s basically the spirit of a fat sandwich, though they’re in sub form. There are tons of different combinations and and really the only limit is your imagination.

The most popular and beloved is probably the Fat Darrell, which has Fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken fingers.

Seriouseats did a write up on it. Apparently Maxim gave it the “Best Sandwich in the country” award.

Then, behold the Fat Drunk guy at a place down the street from me:

Cheesesteak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, hamburger, meatball, bacon, gyro meat, egg, cheese, onion rings, curly fries, mayo, lettuce, tomato and ketchup.

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It’s basically started as a Rutgers thing at the old College Ave grease trucks:

You’d go to Old Queens and get blindingly drunk, then stumble towards the lights of the grease trucks.

At the end of the night they were stuffing whatever they had left into a hoagie roll and selling it cheap.

This caught on, so they actually started selling them during daylight hours.

Alas the vacant lot is now remodeled so the grease trucks are gone forever.

One place that has moved into a bricks and mortar location close to the old lot is ru hungry:

R U Hungry
95 Hamilton St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 246-2177

If you check their menu it will give you an idea of what goes into a fat sandwich.

I’m kind of partial to the fat Elvis, the fat Dad and the fat Fillipino, but it’s hard to go wrong.


Why the hell doesnt the windmill in red bank, and I guess even Belmar, serve fat sandwhiches? I mean they have most of the needed ingredients. They might have to get some easy stuff like marinara and eggs but they have basic ingredients. I bet they would do well from 12 to 3 with bar patrons.

Here is my first windmill fatty, the fat cj. 3 burgers topped with fries, mozzarella sticks, hot relish, and topped off with lots of wiz. Let’s here yours…

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At Windmill’s current prices, a fat sandwich would be like 15 bucks. Seriously, that place is so fucking overpriced.

But you could already make an impressive fat sandwich with what they already have on the menu. I’ll take one with ribeye steak, chili cheese fries and a hot dog! And bacon.


Yeah tell me about it. I get a dog, cheese fries and a soda and it’s like 13 bucks or maybe even 14 now.

I was thinking ribeye, breaded shrooms, onion rings, fries and melted American might be a good combo. They even have the sub rolls so they literally could start making these instantly. We should all make a sandwich and I’ll email them a list…seriously.

I want to hear about the fat @NotJrvedivici , the fat @gcaggiano and the fat @VikingKaj


@bbqboy you can join in on the fun and design one too lol. We need some west coast flavor as well. Check out the menu and design your own fat sandwich :slight_smile:

They have a condiment area that has some awesome hot relish, relish, sauerkraut, pickles, etc. You can top off your dog nicely. If you haven’t tried any of these dogs I’d highly recommend them. They are my favorite and they sell packages so I think you can probably get some shipped out there.

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BTW if I recall correctly the fat Fillipino was actually banned by the Rutgers administration for being racially offensive… Of course ban anything and it becomes my favorite.

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A Luger porterhouse for two, rare, with a lobster tail, meat balls n red gravy, and tsatziki on garlic bread, hold the Mayo I’m on a diet.


I probably shouldn’t admit this but I worked on an RU grease truck back in the day but it was just before fat sandwiches really became a thing.



They may not be official ‘fat’ sandwiches, but Speakeatery in Asbury Park does a lot of BIG sandwiches with great ingredients… Not open late, though.

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When my daughter was in college at Pitt there was a place around the corner from her called ‘Fuel & Fuddle’. They featured a ‘Big-Ass Fish Sandwich’. I don’t know if you’d call it fat but it was huge.


I didn’t know there was any competition for Primanti`s in Pittsburgh!

westchester cheesesteak

Wow I actually found a good one, scala’s in long branch. I dusted this half off in the blink of any eye…

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Everybody raves about the Cheesesteaks @ Mogos (?) in Asbury Park although I have not been there as yet.