Tre Colore ?

I think it’s a really good thing for local slice shops. I mean there’s no reason you can do both considering the cooks are already Mexican. My friend brings over a Mexican pizza for parties from one of those places in Keyport (I think it’s this place Diego’s Pizzeria & Mexican Restaurant, Keyport NJ) and it’s always a hit at parties. I mean why not throw a little salsa on a slice!

BTW, @corvette_johnny a cool little hot dog shop opened up in Neptune/Ocean in the ShopRite plaza. They have like a 100 different hot dogs which is cool, but I think you’ll be interested because they claim to make cheese steaks with actual ribeye slices. I’ve been meaning to check it out. Actually I should start a thread and give 'em some love!

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FWIW, Mexican pizza is “tlayuda” (in case you ever see that on a menu).


Yes that’s the spot. Have you tried it?

@joonjoon you hit it. The cooks are Mexican. I talk to them and they are cool guys. They don’t have a ton of items but a limited amount of burritos, tacos etc.

@bbqboy the owner started with Italian and then branched out. BBQ is his hobby so he decided to give it a shot and it worked. I talked to him one day about bbq since I smoke meat too. Believe it or not, this guy is cranking out some damn good food. The brisket is very good and his pulled pork and kielbasa are really tasty. What’s cool is that they use the smoked meats in the Mexican food. So you can get smoked brisket or pulled pork tacos and they aren’t even priced any higher than local tacos with “regular” beef.

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Yes … It was very late when we arrived in NJ and we had the food delivered to the hotel. The person who took the phone order was super nice and patient … but we ordered wrong! Stuck with the Italian food. We ordered a prosciutto and provolone hero with roasted peppers what we got was a very terrible, bizarre, thickly sliced spiced ham that looked like body parts, there was one slice of domestic provolone thrown on for good measure. Also a very forgettable eggplant hero that was only slightly better… Most of what we ordered went in the trash. I instinctively knew we should go with either the Mexican or BBQ but my sister was not feeling it … She is going back this week … I will pass this along

prosciutto … NOT! What it the heck do you suppose this is?

Wow…not sure what to make of that.

I’m really selective on my Italian subs. Shoot me a pm if you want to know more.

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Wow that is a travesty. At first glace I thought it was smoked salmon or something.


lol … I wish



Will say steak and hoagie in plainsboro makes a pretty good one. Pototo cheesesteak with mayo and add my own ketchup. Potato equal add fries on the sandwich. Chopped up meat in the phly style. If buffalo is your thing the buffalo chicken cheesesteak is supposed to be very good. Then you can head Down the road for the porkroll burger at bagel street or the chicken French fry and honey mustard slice at aljons

I like Philly’s Famous Cheesesteaks in Atlantic Highlands, albeit I’ll admit their Roast Pork, Broc Rabe, Provolone may be better.

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I love Steakumm. They’re fine with me.

Anyway, there’s two places I get decent cheesesteaks. I’m not sure which one I’d rank better, because I don’t live near the one anymore, but I do get it on occasion.

Mr. Assante Pizza in Green Brook, NJ - Don’t just get a cheesesteak. Ask them for my special “cheesesteak, onions, on top of garlic bread”. It’s amazing. Get peppers if you want too.

Do the same thing at Varriale’s Pizza in Whiting/Manchester Township, NJ.

People have actually heard me order it and have ordered it as well. I told them to put it on the menu yet they did not.

That sandwich is great but isn’t it like 13 bucks now? I remember it isn’t cheap. The price kept going up and up. I think it was like 8 bucks when they opened up.

I’ll still stand by and tout Tony Boloney’s in AC as the best CS I’ve ever had. And it’s not irrational exuberance either. Their ‘Ole’ while $14 will feed two people.

And it’s not Steakumms either. Haven’t been to their Hoboken location. We’ll be up next week visiting my son, but it probably won’t be where we’ll be setting our feet for dinner.

Anyone have a rec for a good ethnic (Latino, Columbian, Peruvian) etc in Hoboken or the Grove St. area of JC?

Cucharamama is in Hoboken…not sure if you want to go that “upscale.” The other option is like is like, which is on Washington Street and has excellent Cuban food

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+1 on Cucharamama esp if you want to drink too.

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Bumping this up…

Any good cheesesteaks lately folks?

If you find yourself over in plainsboro I recommend steak and hoagie, potato steak or buffalo chicken cheesesteak. Locally has anyone tried Strokers, someone told me they were decent

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Two thumbs up, those guy’s are the real deal.

Original Steak & Hoagie
515 Plainsboro Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536
(609) 799-9600

So delishus.

Number 15 on the Menu at Brennan’s Rumson

I like pretty much everything on the Brennan’s sandwich board, and this was no exception.

American cheese not Wiz.