Diego's Pizzeria & Mexican Restaurant, Keyport NJ

In spite of the “pizzeria” part of the name, this is an authentic Mexican restaurant, with a menu very similar to that of El Pollo y La Oaxaqueña (the previous plus one tenant here). All the usual dishes, including platters, molcajete, and tlayuda (a.k.a. Mexican pizza, at least to us). (They also have a “Pizza Mexicana” with onion, beef, spicy pork, chicken, pepperoni, and jalapeño.)

We split a Fajitas Mixta. It came with rice, beans, salad, avocado, and seven tortillas, and was plenty for the two of us. YMMV. I’m looking forward to the Cesina Estildo Oaxaca (which seems to be Cesina Ranchera, but with enchiladas as well as grilled beef). I’m a sucker for anything with cactus. Our next trip, though, we’ll probably split the Molcajete.

Who knows–we might even try the Pizza Mexicana at some point!

(The lay-out is the same as El Pollo y La Oaxaqueña–four tables of four each–so it’s a bit too small for a HOdown. I’m just happy there’s something like this closer than downtown Keyport; this is at 349 Maple Place, west of Route 35. But what is it with Mexican restaurants that they don’t have any diet sodas?)

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And now they’re closed–there is a “For Rent” sign in the window.

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