Big fan of this sandwich at Brennans…also partial to #22 RB/Bacon/Cheddar/Russian dressing.

(Junior) #42

Yeah I had a few # 22’s at the beach this year, with Brennans being the preferred to-go lunch choice for beach days.


That 22 sounds good. I might have to try that and sub out the Russian for some horseradish. A place in Atlantic highlands makes one just like that but no bacon. I love the horseradish sauce.

(Retired !) #44

My go to is the 11. Chicken cutlet bacon lettuce tomato.

By the way I think what you are calling the 22 is actually the 14, at least in Rumson.

The 22 is turkey with cranberry sauce.

(Mr met) #45

#10 here…

(David) #46

All this number talk is making me want a big #2!


You are correct senior moment #14 it is.

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You probably need more bran in your diet.

(Retired !) #49

Homemade open face on a Portuguese sourdough roll with NY extra sharp cheddar and horseradish mayo.

It was delishus.

(Joon) #50

Is that a cheese steak though? Feels more like a roast beef melt. :smiley:


Is anyone noticing more and more cheese steak eggrolls on menus? I have been.

Jr, ask Ron to make you one! He will do it

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I’ve made them at home as well as:

Italian hot dog
Ham and cheese
Shrimp fra diavlo
Chicken parm
Italian like Ron’s

My next batch is going to be an apple pie egg roll. Think about the Mc Donald’s Apple turnover rolled in brown sugar straight from the frying pan!


Damn those sound good! I just had some cheese steak ones up in MA two weeks ago so that kind of reminded me. They seem to be popping up a lot. If you need some shaved ribeye just let me know and I can bring the deli slicer lol…or an easier and less hilarious route would be to shave some and bag it up. That’s not nearly as a fun and safe as having a cocktail and hand shaving some fatty ribeye goodnes.



(Note: I hate that the we can’t reply with a short answer even after confirming that it’s a complete sentence.)


So has anyone tried the cheese steak at speakeatery? It thought it was pretty decent and it had lots of cheese…really moist. It was 13.50 which is a little steep for the size. However, it did come with fries.


Bumping this baby up. Has anyone had any good cheese steaks lately? @gcaggiano

I think I’m going to get one in a few.

(Robin Joy) #57

Near my office are shops which sell sliced roast beef, many kinds of cheese, and a good choice of bread rolls. My only heat source is a microwave. Do I have any chance of producing an edible cheesesteak?

It’s a pretty much unknown item in the UK, so I have little to go on!

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Well I would cut and toast your roll home the night before and keep it in a bag overnight. At work I would take my ingredients and microwave them on a plate then transfer them to the waiting bread. (FYI you can soften/brown peppers and onions in a micro wave if heated with oil) Add ketchup and enjoy!!


I’ve asked before, I think, but what seasoning (s) if any make a Philly cheese steak
different or unique from a chopped steak sandwich with cheese everywhere else in
the world :earth_americas:?

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I just think it’s the Philadelphia experience. There are few other places in the world you can get a steak sandwich and fear for your life if they find out you are from outside of the area. (sadly I’m not joking there are more than one documented incident of them beating people outside these cheese steak places because a customer was wearing a NY team hat or shirt). Other than the obvious fear factor I would say it’s the cheese / cheese sauce they use which seems to be secret recipe. (I’m not the best person to ask since I"m not from Philly and have never actually experienced a true Philly Cheese-steak sandwich)