Which leads to the question of how an ahem non-food product like Cheese Whiz became part of a an iconic city’s named sandwich?

Honestly. in my 50+ years in the city I have never been served a cheesesteak with Whiz (I do avoid the tourist traps like Pat’s and Geno’s). The default is white (not orange) American cheese. Occasionally it’s provolone or mozzarella. I think if a sandwich arrived at my table with Whiz, it would be immediately sent back. I do admit that I have been known to occasionally dip my fries into a side of melted Whiz . . . a throwback to late night college debauchery.

I like cheesesteaks with provolone. I don’t want to ever offend anyone by calling them “Philly.”

The challenge to making a good cheesesteak here in Maryland is getting decent bread for the roll. Otherwise good meat, provolone, and truly caramelized onions (I make them ahead in bulk). I’m okay with sauteed mushrooms.

Why would provolone be offensive? It’s a fairly common choice.

But agree on the bread. It has to have a crunch on the outside, soft but not doughy on the inside. I think the wooder in Philly produces an excellent bread.

a someone who spent a fair amount of time in PG county, the best sandwiches I ate were at Wawa. So I feel your pain.


Had the cheesesteak at the Speakeatery in Asbury today. Honestly I don’t get why people rave about this place. Where’s the meat? If I can pick up a cheesesteak with one hand and it’s not overflowing with meat cheese goodness, then it’s not enough. On a positive note, the taste is there, just not enough meat to bread ratio.


There is a Speakeatery thread on here if you search for it, if you do you will find many similar posts from several of us. For me it was a lack of cheese, I don’t recall being upset by the meat ratio but the cheese ( I forgot what they use ) was non existent.

Thanks for the report!

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Thanks! I will search. Maybe it’s not at all their fault. I’m the type of guy where there’s never enough meat. Unless I’m at my happy place Fernandes in Sayreville, actually, they do a cheesesteak on their rodizio. It’s just a hunk of meat with cheese stuffed into it. I can’t complain about that!


Hahahaha Fernandes III is another board favorite. We’ve even had a few get togethers there!

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