Cheeseburgers.....the official NJ burger thread

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I believe it has to do with grill vs flat top maybe? Either way it’ll be a great burger.


I will wait to hear Jr’s thoughts but I am pretty sure both are grilled.

At PH the one thing I can see is that there is direct communication with the bartender that is cooking your burger. If you order from a server they have to write down what you want, and then convey that to a cook who most likely is a Hispanic person. Sometimes things get lost in translation (trust me, I’ve worked in restaurants and it happens.) All BB burgers are cooked by the bar staff, even if you order from a table.

For example, if I told someone to char the hell out my burger but keep it rare on the inside, chances are the bartender will get this right and the kitchen may not.

+1 for ph/SD offering Cole slaw and a whole pickle
+1 for bb offering sea salt


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I would try Chiafullo’s cheese burgers. Yes it is a pizza place but they make a killer burger. I’d recommend the bacon with American or gorgonzola. It’s a 12oz beast with a ton of steak fries.

I sadly can say that I think both BB and PH have reduced the weight of their burgers over the last year or two. Look at the pic of mine. It usually would cover the bun.

Scroll up and look at the burgers I posted compared to what I just posted, as well as Taboni. Which look bigger? :slight_smile:

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I’ve only been there once. I had heard about the burgers and saw plenty of them en route to waiting tables. But after a 45 minute wait, the waterfront view and the atmosphere of a place that was jam packed, I felt compelled to order something other than a lowly burger.

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Yes very true. The wings for sure are completely different from the bar vs. the dining room/kitchen. At the bar they serve whole fresh wings (perhaps previously frozen) but it’s the wing and drum stick together, whereas the kitchen you get the wing / drumstick separate in a typical sysco breading.

The burger I have always preferred at the bar vs. the kitchen as well. I can’t say for sure, but I think they have a different grill in the kitchen? Perhaps it’s my wing bias that makes me want the burger from the bar…I can’t put my finger on it but yes I do prefer the burger from the bar grill vs. the kitchen!

@corvette_johnny I didn’t realize at BB they cook all the burgers at the bar, PH should do that as well. I tried to order a burger from the bar vs. the kitchen while sitting at a table and they denied the request. lol


…and onion rings!


Yes sir, all the burgers at BB are cooked at the bar. The dogs and pork roll are cooked at the bar too.

I’m not sure what the numbers are today but BB used to do over 200 burgers a day…not bad.


I think this is a new one for 2019. Thoughts?

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Ummmm Aders burger??? @corvette_johnny have you been?? @gcaggiano?? Anyone!?!?!?! I never heard of the place. Ocean County I’m surprised Harpoon Wilies didn’t get a mention.

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Per the story: This post was originally published on May 16, 2017


Yes I saw that but is this a new list for 2019?

Jr, I have never heard of it but I may have to go check it out. Union beach isn’t known for its restaurants but I’m willing to try this place out.

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No, it’s the same list. Here’s the original.


Harpoon Willies is in Monmouth County.


So the duck has a bavarian burger on special now.

8 ounce mix of short rib, brisket and chuck served on a pretzel roll with swiss and caramelized onions. In hind sight I should have tried this, but I am supposed to come here tomorrow with my coworker so maybe I will do it over the prime rib.

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sounds awesome- hoping that comes to PH too- would need to hit that up ASAP.


They should have it. I think they generally run the same specials.

Note the beef to roll ratio. I had them flatten this out some to fill out the roll :slight_smile: