Cheeseburgers.....the official NJ burger thread


Agree with the sentiment but I don’t see Mexican on Tommy’s menu other than a few appetizers. I don’t fault them for offering nachos or tacos. Fish tacos are on every restaurant’s menu these days, it seems. Also poke.

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Your call, biscuit. We don’t risk it.


Whatever, dude. Guess you aren’t going to Barnacles because there’s homemade Asian dumplings on the menu. I’d go on but would rather decide where to eat tonight.

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Nope the rule is Mexican and Sushi on the same menu, seek a different venue.

It’s about the handling of the raw fish.


Okay. I feel ya…getting it… So rule should be avoid sushi and any other cuisine if it’s about the handling of the fish, no? At Tommy’s, the sushi kitchen is separate from the other kitchens–separate chefs altogether. That doesn’t weigh in? (And to be clear, I’m no lover of Tommy’s. This is not about defending them. Just looking to be educated because I’m truly horrified by cross-cuisine offerings by default.)

BTW, I deeply apologize to HO readers for being so far off topic. NotViking: This is a barstool discussion. One day, I’ll attend a HO-down and we’ll take this up.

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Yeah I can’t go into details because I will get whacked.

But apparently my colon is considered to be overly sensitive to insult with regards to sushi on this board.