Cheeseburgers.....the official NJ burger thread


Agree with the sentiment but I don’t see Mexican on Tommy’s menu other than a few appetizers. I don’t fault them for offering nachos or tacos. Fish tacos are on every restaurant’s menu these days, it seems. Also poke.

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Your call, biscuit. We don’t risk it.


Whatever, dude. Guess you aren’t going to Barnacles because there’s homemade Asian dumplings on the menu. I’d go on but would rather decide where to eat tonight.

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Nope the rule is Mexican and Sushi on the same menu, seek a different venue.

It’s about the handling of the raw fish.


Okay. I feel ya…getting it… So rule should be avoid sushi and any other cuisine if it’s about the handling of the fish, no? At Tommy’s, the sushi kitchen is separate from the other kitchens–separate chefs altogether. That doesn’t weigh in? (And to be clear, I’m no lover of Tommy’s. This is not about defending them. Just looking to be educated because I’m truly horrified by cross-cuisine offerings by default.)

BTW, I deeply apologize to HO readers for being so far off topic. NotViking: This is a barstool discussion. One day, I’ll attend a HO-down and we’ll take this up.

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Yeah I can’t go into details because I will get whacked.

But apparently my colon is considered to be overly sensitive to insult with regards to sushi on this board.

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(It really does crack me up that my posting here truly does impact what I eat)

So after a long and aggravating day on the road, in traffic, by the time I made it to exit 109 I was 50% annoyed and 50% starved from not eating all day. Even though it’s 5pm and almost dinner time I needed something to hold me over, then I remembered reading on here about Mc’Donalds switching to “fresh beef”.

I used to LOVE the double quarter pounder and I fondly remember it as a formidable burger, definitely a full meal. Since this was a “snack” I ordered a single as pictured below. First thing is I really don’t taste any noticeable difference, but it does not look as big as I remember. The sandwich/burger was honestly very small and hardly filling as a snack. Considering a cheeseburger at The Pour House is $10.89 and the patty is at least 8oz/ half pound, plus you get a pickle, chips and Cole slaw, how is $5.00 for a single quarter pounder at Mc Donald’s even a value anymore?

I’m honestly dumbfounded by how unsatisfying the Mc Donald quarter pounder really was for $5.00 sandwich only.

The more I think about it I just can’t justify going to Mc D’s if there’s no value in the meal(s). Now they are doing table service, no more “fast food” with the food waiting or preparation while standing, now you order, are given a table tent number for your order, you sit and wait 5-10mins for your burger to be served to your table.

No value, no significant time convenience, why go to Mc’ Donald’s?


I rarely eat mcd but I do love big macs. A while back in the spring I went a few times in 5 week span…which is more than I do in a year now.

Prices are high. However, with their app they have decent deals. For example, I looked now after seeing this post. They have a buy one get one free signature sandwich so you could have gotten 2 different burgers or chicken sandwiches, or mixed and matched a burger and chicken sandwich for like 5.50. Not bad for two. At 2.75 those are some decent sandwiches…at 5.50 or so, not the best deal around

They also have today buy one quarter pounder and get another for a buck…not as good as the signature deal but ok. So the moral of the story, don’t pay full price and get the app :slight_smile:


For you sitting duck fans…Wednesday night cheddar burger. I tell my uncle to hold a minute and he then places the bun in the cheese ruining the glorious texture of the cheddar sauce lol. This pic could have been a lot better but it still shows PH/SD is killing it in the burger game! Those fries are good too @gcaggiano

I think PH/SD has it locked down for the best burger around. The fries are good, pickles are clean tasting and crisp, coleslaw is a bonus, and the cheddar sauce is top notch.

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There’s no burger worth paying full price for at McD’s other than the McDouble. It gives you almost a 1/4 lb for less than 2 bucks. The QP is a ripoff unless you use a buy 1 get 1 type coupon which you can get pretty regularly with the app.

IMO the McDouble is actually also the best tasting burger at McDonalds, their larger patties simply do not taste as good. Also the little onions are better IMO than the slivered onions in the QP. The Big Mac sauce is good but has too much bun for the meat compared to the McDouble.

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Excellent looking dish there. The fries there are very good. Always crispy. Unfortunately, last two times there my sandwich has been so gigantic that I’ve barely tapped into the fries.


I did not get to taste this but my cousin got the “scuba and the beast” burger at scuba and the beast.

For 16 bucks this burger is topped with roasted garlic butter poached lobster and garlic aioli. (With lettuce and tom.) I asked my cousin for a rating and he gave it a 6. He asked for it medium well and it did indeed look well to me so I think that threw him off. I’m a medium rare or rare guy if I’m cooking them, but to each their own. They have ten dollar regular cheeseburgers that come with fries. I will try one soon but it won’t compete with BB/SD/Ph. However, those shoestring fries are good if they can get them out hot.

For 11 bucks, the clam strip sandwich looked pretty damn good and again, that’s a hefty serving of fries for you starch fans. @tomt

Back to the burger…The lobster consistency was just like a lobster roll. The fries were good and I had them on my last outing there. As you can see, they don’t skimp on the fries.

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Ha, thanks for reminding me. First, of course there is no starch I don’t like, or like too much…that’s for sure.

We attempted to go here a couple Fridays ago. We were sat in the back room as it was one of those real hot days and we opted for AC. Sitting is as far as we got, as for more than 5 minutes but less than 10 nobody came up to the table. I didn’t exactly time it, but I was getting exponentially more annoyed as a busboy walked by, then a waiter, followed by the young hostess who sat us, and finally what I think was a manager. They all walked through the dining room without even a glance or acknowledgement that someone would be by. Mind you we were one of two tables occupied back there. Given what has been said on this board and what I have heard from others about this place and service issues I decided to get up and leave. It wasn’t the time so much as the fact that a bunch of people walked by and nobody noticed, and rather than continue down this path where I was getting annoyed I decided leaving would be the best bet. Only to be even more annoyed sitting in Sea Bright traffic getting down to Beach Tavern. :smiley:

I was going to let it go and not mention it here, but i guess the incompetence starts at the top as I reached out to them via the email on their website and haven’t received a reply in two weeks. The email is below,

"Just wanted to drop you guys a note and let you know of our experience last night. Our table of 4 was seated in the back room, where for better than five minutes nobody came to greet us, take a drink order, etc. This was after a busboy, a hostess, and either a waiter or manager walked through the room. I made the decision at that point to leave, it was a long day in the sun and maybe I was being a little cranky, but I knew If the night continued on this course it would not be enjoyable.

I really wanted to try your food, your menu is not something we see in this area much and it looked very interesting. I am also writing this note as a small business owner who is rooting for you (and also someone who rarely, if ever, has written to anyone to relay a bad experience).

So, I hope you get the kinks worked out with the front of the house, and good luck.

Best Regards,

Tom T"


I hear you Tom. I am not sure what is going on. I hope they can get things straight.


Based on everyone’s posts, it sounds like they’re trying to do far too much far too soon. Maybe dial it back for summer and have a limited menu, staff up more, and get in the groove?

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Agree. Not sure when these places are going to learn summer down here is not the time to “work out the kinks ”

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You best get yourself the McDonald’s app! They have a 1$ sandwich deal going on right now and the quarter pounder is an option! I think I’ve eaten at least 5 of them in the last week.

I haven’t had the QP in a while, and I’m surprised at how much better it has gotten (maybe it’s the fresh beef?). Still a hell no for 5 bucks, but for a dollar it’s bonkers.


I almost want to delete the mcd app. It is too convenient. I just got a dollar big mac the other day. How the hell can you resist a dollar big mac? Lol

I have the app linked to my credit card so it takes like 8 seconds to order and with extra pickles I get one hot out of the microwave :slight_smile:

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Hey I figure the 1$ sandwich deal can’t last long so I’ll use it while I can. You just can’t beat it.

The other day I got a quarter pounder that was fresh cooked and actually had some crispy brown bits on it! Never had that from a McDonald’s before.

Yes, extra pickles is always the key, I see I am speaking to a true master…


I’ve been doing the “hot order” thing for ages! You get it fresh and the extra pickles always work out.

Has anyone tried the new smokehouse signature burgers? The last two days they had buy one get second for a penny. I want to try the DQP smokehouse. It’s 6.89 so you figure 3.50 per burger…iirc.