Cheeseburgers.....the official NJ burger thread


Nice one.

I think someone should give this a go at PH/SD

Angry Butcher’s Blend Burger – ½ pound of freshly ground short ribs, chuck, & brisket on a brioche roll
with melted pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo & hot cherry peppers. Served with french fries, coleslaw & pickle 13.99

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I nominate @gcaggiano. That way he can complete the Monmouth trifecta. BBs, SD & PH.

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I will try to make that happen. :smiley:


So I present to you two barnacles burgers taken from different periods in time. Which one do you think is better and which is the newer version? Both have cheddar sauce.

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Guessing non mushrooms aka older version is better


The cheese sauce in the first picture, looks like a cheaper newer version of a cheddar sauce.

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Better looking sauce first pic, better looking burger second pic.

(Joon) #288

Bottom sauce is the cheddar sauce we all know and love. By we I mean “you people.” LOL! I really don’t like the grittyness of that cheddar sauce. Top sauce looks like my kinda cheese sauce, as in it looks like cheez whiz. Look at that melt puddle.

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Gotta say, I would eat them both. Like right now.

Was this a trick question? Did I win?


Well it wasn’t a trick question. The top is the new watered down cheese sauce and the bottom is the older one.

Joon, I’m a wiz fan too but this is thinner and not as cheesy, if that makes sense, and less salty which you can fix. The older style was thicker, much sharper and just had a much better flavor to me. This is obviously my opinion but I need to try another burger to see if this is now standard issue.

Both are delicious but I miss the older sauce. Maybe it was just an off day or two. I’ve been going here for 30+ years so I kind of notice when things change lol

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Yes. Yes you do. Many many.


The newer cheese sauce looks like it is straight out of a can
The older type I’ve seen in restaurants I’ve worked in in the past
the cheese or whatever you want to call it, is actually portioned and kept between waxed paper and stored the refrigerator or room temp, it only became melty or lost its shape when heated up, I always ordered extra to dip fries into, I haven’t seen it in awhile and miss it terribly, sharp cheddary goodness!!!

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You didn’t ask when you received the new version? The bottom is what the Pour House is still serving, might the Almighty Best Burger in Monmouth County crown be switched?

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I’ve gone on record as such. Rest of menu. -Barneys- but burger- I’ve changed my tune

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Pour House (with exception to their burger) does nothing “great”, but they do things just good enough to keep you coming back. lol Walk in that place any day of the week at 6pm and it’s standing room only around the bar.

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agreed- its unreal- the lot is huge- and always jammed


Tommy’s is in the same boat. I personally like the wings but everything else is mediocre to me.

People will stand outside in thunderstorms and downpours to get a table their. It boggles my mind. I bet people are lined up outside right now.


The chefs blend burger with cheddar sauce takes out the barnacles burger in my eyes. However, the venue goes to barnacles. I like all the cool nautical decor

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Not me.

PH is outside the circle of trust after several “incidents”. I think it was the bleu schneeze dressing, but can’t be sure.

Helga mutters every time we drive by the place.

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Mexican and sushi on the same menu, means we avoid that venue.