Cheeseburgers.....the official NJ burger thread

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Yeah service isn’t thier forte

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Call me a purist, but once places start getting past more than three toppings (aside from L/T/O), that is where they start to lose me. I don’t know when it became commonplace to dump 50 damn things on a burger making it so fat that you need to unhinge your jaw to eat it. Maybe my hatred of Guy Fieri, who loves such burgers, drives my hatred of them. It was nice to see so many good, old fashioned cheeseburgers pictured in this thread.

I love a bacon cheeseburger as much as the next guy. Or a mushroom, bacon, and Swiss burger. But we cannot forget about the star of the show: the burger patty itself!

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Salad is worth a shot with the house dressing. Stuff is addictive. I load it up with salt from he sea salt shaker in the table to try to further remove any and all health benefits.
Getting a hankering to go back now actually. Have started to shift to pour house as better burger in my book lately but the appys at B.B. are better for sure


Bb used to be owned by a Korean person (s)

I didn’t see any of the Korean workers, nor did I see any of the bar tenders, host staff, or wait staff that I know. It appears something could be up and they have sold it. The cheddar sauce seemed runny to me, as well and the fact that the burger now comes with onions and mushrooms is weird. Like I said, I’ve literally been going here for over 30 years and the last trip didn’t seem right.

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It’s that time of year again, flowers blooming, weather warming, proms and CJ’s annual; “Barnacle Bills must have sold” claim!


I never started it lol

I just wonder what’s up. The rumor is that the place is going to be condos. I heard this and have no clue to this day.

I think pour house has this place beat to be honest. However, bb has the better venue. My .02

I’m just glad to have two cool spots to get a tasty rare burger near me. :slight_smile:

I saw no familiar faces so I am trying to find out what’s up.


The Korean was only a partner from what I understand. I am somewhat friendly with the owners and they aren’t going anywhere. Their oldest son is in line to take over the business and maintain it as is should once they decide to retire.

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My favorite burger is at McCormick & Schmicks located in Harrahs AC. Happy Hour 4-7 Monday thru Friday and 12-5 Saturday & Sunday. 8oz. Black Angus cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato & onion, fries and pickles. $5. Add a 16oz. draft Stella for $4.50.


I do believe that mushrooms and onions have always been listed as being included with the burger. (As an editor, I have kind of a photographic memory of words.) I just don’t know anyone who has ever ordered it that way.

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We were there a few weeks ago and the same familiar faces were present.

On another note, I am apparently not allowed to speak to CJ any longer :frowning:


It could be that I went on a Sunday. Maybe the usual crew wasn’t there. I didn’t notice a single person in the place.

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Yeah Tom share the love!! After all after 4 replies in one thread, well that’s how rumors get started!!

(not sure if what you copy pasted show’s the message came from me, however I can assure you it did not. I assume it just shows my avi by default but I did not send that message to you, it must me something automated in the system)

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No, not at all. I knew it was auto generated, just a sloppy snip on my part.


The onions and mushrooms are definitely new…rather recent too.

I wonder why they chose to do that. I’m kind of picky when it comes to onion on my burger and I can assure you I would have noticed this on the classic BB burger lol

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Where are the tater tits?

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I know dammit. The freedom fries were on sale and they were out of titties.

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