Cheeseburgers.....the official NJ burger thread

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To me their burgers taste the way a good burger used to taste when I was growing up, before everything got all duded up.

Simple, fresh, so good.

They also double cook the fries (blanch, rest, then crisp), so those are awesome too.

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We stopped at Barnacles for an early mushroom onion and Swiss burger cooked rare with a side of onion rings.

Sorry I was hungry so forgot to take photos.

I load it up with all the goodies and just a kiss of A-1 sauce.

That is one delishus burger.

And the best part, 4pm on a Friday and there were all kinds of seats at the bar. I love it when we finally get our neighborhood back and all those idiots with the orange license plates go home.


I’m a cheddar and bacon guy myself at BB. Have you had the fried zucchini? That’s my “go to” but I like rings too.


Cheddar sauce rare Big fan of the fried zucchini Never tried the onion rings funny enough. Definitely on my next visit. We are looking at a house a couple blocks away this week (gotta get away from the Fair Haven taxes!). BBs in walking distance would be awesome

I wish they would do a decent fry. Never been a big fan of the steak fries


I went to BB at 4:20 today and the place was railed. There wasnt a single seat at the bar.

So I leave and slowly drive by russell and betts. There wasn’t a single person at the bar. I don’t think Rumson has quite embraced that spot…lol


Wow early to be that crowded. I haven’t been to Russell and Bette’s yet and don’t imagine that I will any time soon

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It was wide open yesterday.


I think on sat more people go early compared to Friday. For us it was going to be ate lunch before fishing. A vals sausage pie was our plan b.

Ps…fishing sucks. Windy as hell and taking a beer break. The wind at this spot is the wrong direction :confused:


Good second choice…they have very good sausage. Funny thing about Vals is you have to eat it there…it really loses a lot when you take out

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Sorry to hear about fishing, we are prolly going out tomorrow pm for blues. Seen any strippers yet, they should be running soon?

On the burger front, have you tried Chiafullos in Belford yet? They have a 12oz (!) Cheeseburger for $ 9.95… I think that makes them the biggest in our area. I’m gonna have to give that a shot.


The chiafullo burger in navesink is top notch. I am not sure about Belford but it should be the same. It’s big and when you get bacon they really load it up. I’ve only had it once and got gorgonzola and bacon. Definitely eat it there so the steak fries don’t turn to steamed crap. I counldnt even finish mine. Your results may differ but it is definitely worth a shot. If it is half as good as the one I had, you will enjoy it. They have some nice buns too.

Next time I’m going American cheese and bacon. I’m bringing a bottle of a1. I like steak fries with a1 and I got a boatload of fries.

They will cook it rare too. Bobby said they get meat daily and grind it on the premises.

I’m not really a heavy veggie guy so mine was meat, cheese and bacon but I’m sure you can get L T and O

Ps…yes there are bass and blues around but you need to know where to go. The water is still very warm. We got a big fluke the other night on a plug. I’ve seen some weird stuff this year. Two more weeks and things will start to open up after the Temps drop a bit

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Frankies in PPB today:


Nice! We need to get the cheese burger thread back in action now that it is the season. How is the cheddar? I haven’t been here but I heard good things. I will say…it looks like they got the bun right.

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Blu Grotto is running a Lunch Special on the Jersey Shore restaurant week. For $15.18 you get a Grotto Burger and dessert. That burger is Pat Lafrieda, normally $ 18, so I’m thinking I’ll have to check that out.


Interesting. I bet they put out a good burger.

I wonder how a barnacles burger would be on a pretzel roll? I’m guessing pretty damn good.

The Harborside used to have pretzel rolls and got rid of them for some reason.

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Looks like the bar - that’s the right way to fly. I was there recently and the kitchen produced a very decent burger. Now if only they’d get their French fry game up to the same standard.


Another BB burger in my belly, along with some fried zucchini and a DIPA…the lunch for the health concious guy.

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Only thing I do differently is add salad with house dressing with egg. Stuff is like crack to me


I didn’t even know they sold salads. Lol. I’m kidding. The weird thing is they now include mushrooms and onions in the price. This is new. The price has jumped up.

I called the waitress out and she said “it has always been this way”

I didn’t tell her I’ve been going there for over 30 years and let it slide :slight_smile: