Celery..can we give it some attention?!

While shopping for hummus ingredients, I caught a great sale on full celery stalk bunches and went a little crazy. .79 a bulb is unheard of…but, now what…lol!

There is just so much crudite one can make. I love the stuff raw but educate me in preparations cooking a dish were celery is the star not a bit player.

Thanks, Rooster


I am going to play around with this idea, changing up the spirit recommended and using a hit of liquid coconut sugar in place of the recommended dry table sugar.

Simple recipe and excellent to nibble on or on a plate. After making this once I now cut the celery into smaller pieces, found it messy to hold the long sticks.


Braised. Absolutely lovely with, say, chicken


Soup, of course


The container of furikake we have is so under used and contains sesame seeds. plus I have a big container of black sesame seeds on hand from ice cream recipe. Winner!

That site is really good. Another simple prep choice. Really appreciate the pointer.

Soup! Def doing this Sunday.

I love it braised simply ala Harters and Delia (I skip the carrots and use chicken stock).

If I feel like fiddling about this Lidia Bastianich Braised Celery with Olives is great.

I also have this Food52 celery radish blue cheese slaw recipe bookmarked but haven’t made it yet, and ditto this NYT recipe for braised celery vinaigrette.

Excellent topic, hope this thread lives on.

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Thanks. We are having lemongrass chicken thighs for dinner a braised celery sounds perfect as a side.

The salad minus the dressing would appeal I think maybe a light drizzle of olive oil and rice vinegar would work nicely with a small chunk of blue cheese on the side. I find blue cheese dressing over powers but deconstructed sounds great.

The NYT recipe I couldnt access but the other recipe with olives would make a tasty lunch on its own.


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Celery is one of my most used vegetables. Stir fries, soups, etc. it is almost always there as one of the starring veggies. I hated it cooked as a kid, but love it now. Basically mirepoix goes in everything.

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Celery is a must in my steamed mussels. I also like it very much in a stir-fry of meat/tofu with (fermented) black bean sauce.

Interesting. Mussels wouldnt occur to me.

Pickled celery. Which also answers the question, “What am I going to do with these coriander seeds now that the cilantro has bolted?” (You might not have that question, but as of yesterday, I do.)


Fantastic spice lineup on this. My wife enjoys Jamie Oliver. Thxs for the link.

How else do you use coriander seed ?

this was what I was going to say. Braised celery is great.

I rarely have whole seeds on hand, so not much, really, just pickled stuff and the occasional Indian dish.

I like this recipe


That’s a winner, I often make broccoli stems the same way. Nice crunch too. Thanks.

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I went on a bender with this salad a few months back. Very craveable! In fact, I think I should make it again soon.