Catch 19 Red Bank NJ (formerly just Catch)

I figured since this has a new name, new location and new menu it deserved a new thread. I will try to link @corvette_johnny reviews to this thread. I was flying solo last night so I decided to check this place out due to the extensive steak listings on their menu. I should start this with the fact I was never at the prior Catch, so I cannot compare the two.

Let me start with I’m not a big “Red Bank” guy. I’ve lived in the area a long time, I was “there” when Ashes first opened and Bueno Sera was a serious restaurant, but Red Bank jumped the shark a long, long time ago and I really gave up on it. I went to Catch19 really hoping to like the place as I have so far with 26 West. Especially to get a great steak without having to throw support towards the “Char Culture”.

Anyway, I arrived solo at 7:00 pm on Thursday night and found a seat at the mostly full bar. I was only at Gotham once, and I don’t really remember the decor but from what I remember it was heavy maroon / burgundy colors and a much darker environment. This is much brighter with light blues and a very glitzy towards somewhat gaudy decor. The front dining room was nice, the bar area is excellent and although I didn’t go in the back dining room or upstairs the rear dining room is centered around an open/glass kitchen which I do not remember Gotham having. Although leaning towards gaudy I did like it.

As I said the bar was crowded but the single bartender handling the bar was doing an adequate job with keeping people hydrated and serving food etc. (there was another bartender doing service). Honestly for the size of the bar and the amount of people he did an excellent job keeping things flowing, although his service was lacking in many finer aspects besides getting drinks and food placed in front of you, those details will follow.

I was greeted by the bartender, given menu’s and my drink all in a timely manner. Shortly after sitting next to two women, I heard them questioning the bartender where their food was, apparently they were waiting awhile. Maybe 5-10 minutes after their inquiry a dish came, they immediately inquired where the other dish/appetizer they ordered was and the bartender responded it would be out shortly. The one woman was waiting for the others dish to arrive before eating, it was easily 10-15 minutes before the other woman’s appetizer arrived. The bartender replied as he served her “Sorry I guess they had to go to the Mediterranean for those shrimp”. (oddly both women ordered the exact same appetizers a shrimp and lobster in a vodka sauce?) Then within 5 minutes of the second appetizer being delivered her entree was delivered and sat on the bar as she at her app.

Back to me, I ordered the popcorn (because who isn’t going to order popcorn when its actually on the menu @ $4. per order) while I was figuring out my other choices. When I ordered the popcorn the bartender said: “It’s just a bowl of popcorn, not sure they made any today let me go find out”. They apparently did make some because it arrived about 5 minutes later. While it was “good” it was certainly not worth $4. for the bowl and Steak 85 in New Brunswick truffle popcorn at the bar blows this away for free!!

It was at this time I noticed there were no raw bar options on the menu, however I could clearly see a raw bar, I inquired with the bartender and there was another raw bar menu. I ordered 3 jumbo shrimp @ $6. per and 4 west coast oysters I do not recall the price. The menu said the type oysters varied per day, and each day there was a mignonette du jour! The bartender did not know what oysters they had today, since I generally prefer west vs. east coast so I ordered them anyway. As the picture will show it came sans any mignonette and without even cocktail forks. Also the cocktail sauce is obviously jarred/canned. The shrimp were true colossal and the oysters were fine, although slightly too warm/room temp for my comfort. (the bartender then came to me to ask if I still had the raw bar menu, he needed it, there is only one menu for the entire bar)

My steak arrived a short time later, and it was a very nice cut of rib eye. (FYI there are two rib eye’s on the menu one for $50 and one for $54. the $54 said it came with caramelized onions and asparagus - this is the one I ordered, by pointing to it on the menu, since there was no name differential between the two rib eyes) I received a rib eye with a double stuffed potato! (Not sure where that came from) The steak was very good, delicious rib eye, however it was left standing a bit too long. I don’t know if was by design with the chef leaving it to stand before serving or just sat under hot lamps too long but it was luke-warm at best.

While I was eating the couple on the opposite side of me were given a bread basket after they were more than half done with their appetizer, as the bartender placed it down he said: “I guess they had to go to the bakery to get your bread”. (I was never offered or delivered bread)

I ordered a double espresso and a sambuca for desert. (it’s finally sambuca weather again!!) Now with a fully belly I decided to sit back and do some people watching, there was the owner of Co-co Pari with his entourage, down the bar from him was some other RB local with his entourage, Co-co’s entourage is shouting across the bar to the other entourage and then there’s the other guy in the corner and so on and so forth. The bar is loud however the music being pipped in is even louder. I arrived at 7pm and by 7:30 they had a DJ (in a tee shirt) playing, mixing, scratching music throughout the place. Directly next to where I was sitting is a grand (or baby grand I really don’t know the difference) piano, being used as a wait station with small trays sitting on it. etc. Let me ask you a question: “Where is management focused if they have a restaurant with multiple dining rooms and a vacant piano just sitting there, while DJ Whomever is blasting and scratching music?” Tell me…what is management focused on.

While I said I noticed the manager actively participating in supporting the staff saying hello to certain patrons while ignoring others like me. Never did anyone besides the bartender check on how things were. Although there is an espresso machine behind the bar, I noticed after a long delay 10-15 mins of not receiving my coffee, I noticed the bartender run up the stairs, while he was half way up, the elevator doors opened and a food runner emerged with a coffee cup in hand and left it behind the bar. 2 minutes later the bartender comes running down the stairs and finds my coffee behind the bar and delivers it to me along with: “Sorry they must have had to go to Columbia for the beans for your coffee” (notice a trend?)

To conclude: This place pretty much embodies why I hate Red Bank. There is so much potential here that they just seem to turn a deaf ear to, probably because the DJ is so loud. I will go back another time or two to see how things work out as they grow into their new space, but I honestly don’t hold up much hope that this will be anything besides Red Bank’s latest flash in the pan. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but I doubt it.

Give it a try yourself and let me know what you think.

*****ETA I merged comments over from the Red Bank to this one, I think I did it out of order so I apologize if the comments after my post here are somewhat out of order

So I just got back from the new catch. I’m tired but I will agree with you guys, it is a weird vibe. The spot is obviously nice but it doesn’t really speak “seafood” to me. I am still taking it all in. I will report back.

Has anyone been to the “new” catch? Their new menu definitely has more steak options and prices around the board are higher

Jr that PH for two has your name written on it!

Wow…I’ll tell you what I really like what they did with the space. Honestly I’m rather surprised because Gotham had a nice decor’ about it, I didn’t think they would completely change it as the pictures seem to show they have. Looking at the menu a few things surprise me: No raw bar options for apps? What is “A round for the guys $ 16.” under apps. Also if you ask me they are firing a shot right over the bow of Char with this menu. Catch was supposed to be a seafood centric restaurant but this menu is certainly not that. (like the lack of raw bar or even shrimp cocktail)

Interesting to say the least and I do think I’m going to have to give them a try, there’s no reason not to.

Haven’t been yet but does anyone else find it odd that the cocktails are written as recipes? Thanks for the super specific instructions, maybe I’ll stay home and make it myself??

Carpe DIA $12

2 parts Casamigos, ¾ part agave nectar, 1 part fresh lime juice, 5 blackberries, 2 mint leaves—Muddle fruit and herbs in a shaker glass, add other ingredients and shake vigorously, strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice and garnish with a black berry and fried sage spring

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is its e or are those prices a bit high for Red Bank? Maybe I’m just getting cheaper in my old age, but it seems a bit much for Broad St.

Well they are high but remember they are on a prime stretch of road and rent is not cheap there.

The old ribeye was good and 36 bucks I think, maybe 34. It’s 54 now. So yeah, prices have gone up considerably. The lobster app was well under 20, I think maybe 15 or 16 when I first started going. It’s 23 now.

As they said, you are getting an “experience” and they may be right. The pics look top notch so I’ll have to see how I like it. I have a few drinks so with the higher price of food and it NOT being byob, I will probably be looking at a bill that is 40% higher when you tack on a couple cocktails.

Jr, I was thinking the same thing. This place will be gunning for char but I feel there is enough business to go around. I am surprised they are scaling back on seafood and adding several more steaks. At the beginning they had a single ribeye .

@corvette_johnny @Metsfan86 @tomt

We went to Catch19 yesterday for lunch. Food was good but the decor is just so odd. They kept the majority of the weird art that Gotham hung. It just doesn’t FEEL like a seafood restaurant to me. It is heavy and tacky. The original Catch was a better setting with the big windows and light walls.

Anyways. The food was good. We split a crab cake appetizer (best of the items we ordered but I would prefer the cake be crispy. Lots of crab), I got the seared tuna salad (very small amount of tuna) and husband got the “insane” lobster rolls. His comment was that the croissants overpower the lobster. We are lobster roll purists so take it with a grain of salt. I had a glass of wine and he had iced tea. Total after tip was $80 something. Not a cheap lunch and we weren’t blown away.


@gracieggg 80 isn’t exactly a cheap lunch lol, and with only a single drink. So this is a dumb question but did they keep the old catch or is something else going in there?

Also, can you elaborate on that lobster roll? I’m a big fan so I’m curious. What is “insane” about it? :slight_smile:

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Not cheap at all! It seemed like the original catch food but in a new setting and with booze. I have no idea what makes it insane. Maybe that it was on croissants?? My husband said it was just ok. I’m not in a big hurry to go back.

“Thanks for taking one for the team” doesn’t capture it. UGH!!!

Well listen, I had a steak and raw bar items the steak was very good so who knows there is certainly hope for the place.

Let’s recap:
Service issues.
Service issues.
Service issues.


So I was going thru my pocket and found my receipt from Catch, and remember the double stuffed potato that I didn’t order…well there it is @ $6.00!

Oysters were $3.50 each which is typical pricing for a place like this.

(side note though, I had 2 martini’s and a sambuca that aren’t on the check so it worked itself out)

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That is interesting. I wonder if the server just confused your order and put a potato on there. It is nice that you got a drink or two for free.

So when I went they had this “duo” band and I actually liked their music. They weren’t incredibly loud but it was a little too much for downstairs. They could have toned the volume down a little. I still don’t think the music fit the venue but I liked it. They did sone really cool Floyd renditions. I’m not sure how hip hop night would go over with me.

My drink order did take a while to get and it wasn’t packed up at the bar as I waited for my table. Drinks are NYC expensive and I had a nice agave cocktail that was quite tasty. I think $14 and my friend had a kettle martini as we waited.

Some positives…

My server was pretty good. It took a while for the bread to come out but I didn’t ask. It came around the time we dusted off the tuna carpaccio app. This app definitely has less tuna than the old app and is higher in price. It is still tasty but lacks some acidity. I actually put some lemon on it and it worked out well.

Seating is spacious and I had a really comfortable chair. I sat up stairs on the far right wall as you head into the dining room. The noise level was nice…not loud but you could hear the band and easily have a conversation. On the same hand, it wasn’t akwardly silent, which I can’t stand.

The $32 frenched pork chop was pretty solid. It is a single back bone cut and was moist with a very tasty reduction. I wanted scallops but they ran out. One big plus was that they actually loaded you up with some incredibly tasty mushrooms, and they did not skimp with the fingerling potatoes. It is nice to see people not get super cheap on side dishes (cough birravino) :smirk: I was impressed with the amount of shrooms and starch I got.

My friend had the angry lobster dinner. They will turn the app into an entree and this dish is still going strong! In fact, with the linguini I think they juiced it up with more butter/cream and it seemed better than I even remember from the old catch. I’d highly recommend this dish or app. It is a tad spicy but nothing compared to what I like to eat…just a warning for anyone sensitive to spice. It’s nothing offensive but some people get super picky with anything offering even a hit of spice.

Overall, this place does have potential. You’re going to pay some rb tax but it’s not ridiculous. If you’re a drinker you can easily run up a substantial bill, but if not, I dont think the prices were bad for the food and venue. They just seem to be having an identity crisis. It is like they want to be more hipster and “club like” when I miss the old catch and seeing the tasty looking seafood displayed on ice.

Overall I will be back to try some more things.

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has anyone checked out the yelp reviews of this joint recently? I know the owners have relatively deep pockets- but feeling like this may be the next place to go away esp with the Dennis Foy spot probably taking up a new spot on the high end scene.
I just don’t know why they messed with what they had at the initial spot. The “bar/club” joint was just bizarre from the jump, but now they ruined two spots and the Mexican place they spoke of looks no further along than when initially announced.

Doesn’t surprise me at all. They sold out for the bar scene, they wanted to take over the crowd that was there while it was Gotham, forget about this place food was NEVER going to be their priority.

I’m not a member of yelp so it took me a few minutes to figure out the reviews, don’t know why they list them scrambled instead of in date order, but if you look it’s been several months since they got an overall good/great review. No surprises here.

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yeah- changing from “yelp sort” (which is prob a thing to extract $$ from vendors to move better reviews to the top) to “newest first” yields a stark change. Think from April they don’t have one net positive review. At the prices they charge with all the newer and incoming higher end places in RD I think they are in trouble. It’s almost like they spent WAY toooo much on the Gotham concept and when it went bust stye tried this to make some $$ back. But all they did was move a rather well liked concept and shoehorned it into their bizarre space while moving way upmarket past their capabilities.
Has only been to Gotham once, found it truly odd, space was WAY too big, nothing special about the offerings, prices, or service. Just an odd experience. Was told by some of the younger guys who work for me that it was a known spot for older creeper dudes with heavy accents to hit on young college age ladies (and prob a place for younger college age ladies to avail themselves of plenty of free drinks)

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The Co-co’s entourage is enough for me not to visit.


Kind of funny, since Robert above made his post I took a look through this thread. I see my comments on the receipt above where the fleeced me for a $6. potato, wrong steak and I claim to have made off with a martini and sambucca. I don’t know why I’m just noticing now there is a $ 12. Glass of Liberty Cab on my check!!! WTF!!! They fleeced me for a glass of wine too!!! I don’t drink wine!!! Ugggghhhhh I hate this place!!! hahahahahaa (maybe I need to start paying closer attention to my tabs)